Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Ricoh GRD II (aka GRD2) has arrived! Ricoh fans rejoice, new firmware update for the GRD as well

The good people at digitalcamera.jp inform us that Ricoh has officially announced the highly anticipated Ricoh GRD2. It's been two years since its predecessor, the Ricoh GRD hit the market, and it was indeed high time for an update. Be sure to check the computer-translated digitalcamera.jp because they have a lot of details from the Ricoh presentation. The camera will be released November 22 in Japan.

Kudos to Ricoh for resisting the urge to jump to 12 megapixels, as this camera is using a 10mp 1/1.75" sensor and the new engine that was introduced with the Ricoh R7.

Adorama is accepting pre-orders
Adorama is accepting pre-orders for the Ricoh GRD II in the USA for $700. It is expected to start shipping around Thanksgiving time.

The camera is also available from Adorama on Amazon for $700 as well.

Ricoh GRD II Coverage on the net
+Imaging Insider
+What Digital Camera
+Adorama News Desk including detailed specifications.
+Photography Blog
+Let's Go Digital
+Amateur Photographer UK with detailed specs

New firmware update for the Ricoh GRD as well
The NewsDesk at Adorama informs us that some of the new features introduced in the GRD2 will be made available in the GRD with a new firmware update.

Basic Ricoh GRD II (aka GRD2) specs
+10mp 1/1.75" CCD sensor with new Ricoh Engine II processing engine
+28mm F2.4 lens
+2.7" (230K) LCD
+RAW, also square RAW format
+up to ISO 1600
+Battery is LiIon DB60 (or 2 AAA). CIPA 370 with the LiIon, CIPA 45 with AAA Matsushita alkalines
+The price in Japan will be similar to that of the GRD when it first came out

Ricoh Testable Claims for the GRD II (aka GRD2)
+ISO 400 of the GRD II will be equal to ISO 100 of the GRD I
+RAW times reduced from 10s to 3.8s
+Engine II increases battery life by about 100 shots
+The 10mp was found a more optimum choice than the 12mp sensor (good!)
+More details at digitalcamera.jp.

Of Ricoh Interest
+Ricoh gallery posted at Ricoh Japan. These are not sample pictures from the GRD2, they are pictures taken by Ricoh GRD users and featured in a Ricoh website
+Ricoh Group on Facebook, details at Amin's Photo blog.


Ed Z said...

Of course this would happen *right* after I settled on a canon G9 (deciding between the GR, the GX100 and the G9)

but that's ok - I love my G9 :-)

1001 noisy cameras said...

Timing is a tricky thing! Especially since we didn't even know for sure they would announce it. It was almost a November surprise, just by two days. And it won't be even available until late November at the earliest. But because it's a special interest camera it should probably have no problem selling fast enough, once available, especially if the Ricoh claims hold true!