Sunday, October 7, 2007

Vote and debate: Best DSLRs (and D-RFs too) of all time!

If you like to rank and rate and debate, this one is definitely for you! Rank and debate your favorite DSLR of all time! Digital Rangefinders too, all two of them. This can be your personal favorites or the ones you consider the best, or the best of their time, or the ones who had the biggest impact on the market. I added about 70 DSLRs and 2 D-RFs, I'm sure there's a few I have forgotten to add from the earlier years. You can add them if you like! This is hosted by Unspun. If you want to add medium format or digital backs, go right ahead, I can't stop you anyway :-)

Here is a voting tip: You can vote by clicking on the up/down arrows in the Community Ranking, or your can click on Your Ranking which will take you to a page where you can rank from 1 to all of them in order of your preference by adding them to your list one by one. After you populate your list, you can quickly move cameras up and down using drag and drop. For example if you are currently at #30 and you forgot to include the Nikon D3 (or any other camera you think it is top-worthy), you can easily add it to the list and then drag it all the way to the top (if you think it deserves the #1 spot that is).

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