Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vote the best Prosumers of all time!

If you loved our Vote for the Best DSLRs of all time (UnSpun) you will love our new Unspun poll on the best Prosumers and RAWsumers of all time. I have entered over 50 models, and you can add more if you like. I couldn't post every single prosumer/rawsumer camera in existence. There are way too many of them, so please feel free to add them. Let the fun begin!

You can also access this directly from your browser: Best RAWsumers and Prosumers Poll powered by UnSpun.

Please note this poll is only for fixed-lens prosumer digital cameras. Not for DSLRs. You can vote for your favorite DSLRs in the DSLR poll mentioned at the start of this post. Also please only include individual digital camera models, not entire product lines.

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