Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We interrupt the silence with a Blog update!

In the next few hours I will be attempting to add a third column to the blog, to give it a more modern look that (tries to) take advantage of the widescreen monitors that are all over the place. Expect some turbulance for a bit :-)

Update #1: It turns out that changing the template was not as painful as I thought. The big reason for that? This excellent step by step tutorial at Tips for New Bloggers. A big thank you to them for coming up with the step by step instructions to make it easy and painless for the rest of us! Thank you Tips for New Bloggers!

Next up is organizing things in the two columns, and adjusting and sorting things out. This should take a while, but all the content is there, either on the left or right column. This is so exciting I'm tempted to come up with a ten column blog :-) (just kidding!)

Update #2: The content of the original widescreen column has been more or less evenly divided between the two sidebar columns. The blog was also shortened a bit to make it more readable and make it load a bit faster. A few more formatting fixes are coming up later on. As regular readers may have noticed, the format is always tweaked, but the content is always there :-)

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