Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week in review, and what's coming up

This is our weekly week-in-review post, where we look at all the posts here at 1001 noisy during the last seven days. They are presented in reverse chronological order:

  • We just launched a week-long campaign asking begging our readers to help promote this noisy blog.
  • A new flavor of the "Overheard in the dpreview forums" post, Canon vs Nikon, where the two giants are featured back to back with some of their cameras facing off. This was spiced up by the announcement by a Nikon manager that a more "affordable" FX DSLR is coming up.
  • Our sister blog RAWsumer, which just got a much needed template face lift has posted their first edition of the Charts, featuring the top selling RAWsumers at Amazon.
  • Installments of the Photography Soup, our almost daily blend of photo-related topics was posted on Oct 12, Oct 11, Oct 10 along with a spin-off Overheard in the forums, and Oct 9.
  • Kenko announced new digital cameras in Japan, which bear some resemblance to some of the Kodak digital cameras. And is there a CMOS sensor connection as well?
  • Our weekly installment of the Charts featured the top sellers at Map camera in Japan.
  • Our monthly recaps of new digital camera announcements were posted for September 2007 and August 2007.
  • For those who love DSLRs, we have created a new Unspun poll where everyone on the net can rate and rank more than 70 DSLRs. And a couple of digital rangefinders too! After 49 votes the Nikon D3 leads the way, followed by the Canon 5D and the Pentax K10D and K100Ds (aka K100D Super)
  • Our weekly blast from the past feature looked at some of the cameras announced in 1998.
  • And the previous week's week in review.

    Regular Features
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    Coming up this week and beyond at 1001 Noisy
  • Coverage of the Olympus E3 buzz, possible leaks, official announcement, and post-announcement reactions.
  • One week after the Olympus E3 is announced, we will start our DSLR Playoffs! You, the readers-voters will decide which DSLRs move to the next round.
  • We will reveal our On Notice board. Who are the eight lucky ones to be on notice?
  • Other new features that we don't want to jinx by mentioning
  • Buyer's Guides of sorts
  • Our regular/weekly features as outlined in the About this blog page.

    Calendar of sorts
  • Olympus E3 to be announced on October 16/17, probably leaked earlier.
  • January 2008: CES 2008
  • late Jan/early Feb: PMA 2008
  • Fall 2008: Photokina 2008
  • Jan 2009: CES 2009
  • early 2009: PMA 2009
  • Fall 2009: Fauxtokina 2009
  • January 2215: A working Canon 1D Mark I is sold at a digital camera museum auction for $12,433,464,234

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