Sunday, October 21, 2007

Week in review, and what's coming up

Let's revisit and recap the week that was here at 1001 Noisy Cameras. This time we present them in chronological order. This week had a distinctive Four Thirds feel to it. I wonder why :)

  • We start with a recap of the previous week.
  • The Blast from the Past looked at the launch of Four Thirds.
  • Our Sunday faux-editorial VIDI looked at Panacea DSLRs. Dennis Miller is not the only one who can dig up obscure words :)
  • We had an instant update for bargain hunters. A camera bag was at half price in Amazon's Lightning Deals on Monday.
  • We officially launched our Olympus E3 coverage with the Pre-Announcement Mania.
  • Then we launched the On Notice Board inspired by Stephen Colbert's On Notice Board.
  • We had new editions of our signature Photography Soup round-ups on Monday October 15, Thursday Oct 18, Friday October 19, and Saturday October 20 2007.
  • We start an Olympus E3 Final Countdown, waiting for the first real leaks, which we got courtesy of eagle-eyed dpreview forum users.
  • And then we had the Official Announcement of the Olympus E3, along with three new Digital Zuiko lenses, a new battery grip HLD-4 and two new flashes FL-50R and FL-36R.
  • We also discussed a Kodak newsbit on DSLRs.
  • Then we covered the price cut and bonus bundle by mail offered by Fuji, as their signature Fuji S5 Pro DSLR is feeling a lot of price pressure from the new wave of new DSLRs that fell upon us.
  • One day after the Olympus E3 was announced. We observed the reactions .
  • In another one of our interactive features we invited our readers to vote and debate the top photography books using the UnSpun polls.
  • We also launced a week-long Promote this Blog campaign, asking our readers to promote this blog by telling their friends about it and doing other simple things to get the word out. Thanks to everyone who helped so far for their help! You know who you are :-)
  • Then we had another edition of our popular The Charts feature, taking a snapshot of the best selling superzooms at Amazon.
  • We also announced the launch of the DSLR Playoffs, amother interactive feature.
  • In collaboration with our sister blog RAWsumer we created a new Unspun interactive poll asking the readers (and everyone on the net) to vote and debate the Best Prosumers of all time.
  • That's all we did the last week :-)

    Coming up this week and beyond at 1001 Noisy
  • More Olympus E3 reactions, including a list of the Testable Claims made by Olympus
  • We introduce our new feature, "1001 Noisy Platinum"
  • The DSLR Playoffs will get started
  • Other new features that we don't want to jinx by mentioning
  • Buyer's Guides of sorts
  • Our regular/weekly features as outlined in the About this blog page.

    Calendar of sorts
  • The Olympus E3 is in the history books, are we going to get a November surprise? How about a Canon 5D Mark II or Pentax K1D or K12D? Or will we have to wait for CES or PMA 2008?
  • January 2008: CES 2008
  • late Jan/early Feb: PMA 2008
  • Fall 2008: Photokina 2008
  • Jan 2009: CES 2009
  • early 2009: PMA 2009
  • Fall 2009: Fauxtokina 2009
  • PMA 2020: A Vivitar-branded 35mm full-frame all-mount DSLR! (wild guess obviously)

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
  • The camera that made the Fun Zoom segment fun, the Panasonic TZ3 is on sale at OneCall for just $257 and $13 3-day FedEx shipping.
  • If you prefer megapixels by the pound, the Sony W200 is $300 with $13 3-day FedEx shipping, also at
  • And the Panasonic FX100K is $313 with free 3-day FedEx shipping at

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