Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yet another blog update update (updated: Digital Camera Map is complete!)

We are trying to finish up the digital camera map, aka digital camera line-ups but they are taking longer than anticipated. There are so many current and recent digital cameras out there! The latest additions are Panasonic and Leica, with Casio coming up next. This post has grown to over 20 pages long but it has no pictures, so it should load real fast. Update #1: Casio and Pentax have been added. Next: Samsung, Olympus, Kodak and HP. Update #2: Just finished Samsung. Did you there are nine current Samsung S-series models? Find out more in this crazy list of all digital camera models. Next up will be Olympus. I'm scared of sorting through all those FE-models. It's a cat litter every time Olympus makes an announcement! Update #3: Olympus and Kodak (Olydak!) have been completed. Since I have not gone crazy just yet, I have just one left, HP, and that's it! Update #4: HP is done and so is our crazy feature of mapping every current digital camera from the major manufacturers! We are done! Wooohoo! Here it is!If you find any omissions, errors, etc, please don't be shy to point them out! Send an email [1001noisycameras [at] gmail [dot] com] or leave a comment.

Meanwhile if you missed the Ricoh GRD2 excitement, you can catch up with our morning and evening coverage of the Ricoh GRD II announcement and reactions.

In lieu of a reader appreciation day, we decided to offer our readers the chance to promote their own galleries, websites and blogs by joining the 1001 Noisy Readers List. It is a poor man's text based Web 2.0 feature :)

Those of you who like numbers, or want to see rankings and what other people are buying around the net, check out our latest installment of the Charts, taking a look at what's hot at J&R World.

Not happy with the current selection of digital cameras? Hope for something new and hopefully better? Then visit and bookmark our on-going PMA 2008 speculation.

Hungry for news from the world of cameras and imaging? Then head over to the Imaging Insider. And if you are an RSS/Atom reader, subscribe to the  Insider feed.

Did you notice? The DSLR Playoff Finals are underway! The Nikon D3 is facing off its partner in crime, the D300. The current vote tally has the D3 leading the way. What do you think? Check the right column of this blog for the poll and vote! You decide!

With all the extensive features (PMA 2008, camera lineups) and the surprise Ricoh GRD2, our regular features such as the "Photography Soup" and "Overheard in the Forums" have fallen behind. Expect one either late tonight or on Thursday. All apologies.

And for all the bargain hunters out there, we haven't forgotten about you!

  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX01P, aka FX01 Pink, $170 with $12 S&H from This is a 3.6x optical zoom model starting at 28mm with MegaOIS.
  • Panasonic FZ8 at $225 from Amazon
  • For more, check our Bargain Hunter's Corner (BHC) in the left column, and the BHC Control Center.

    Planning to plan
  • The next edition of hte Photography Soup and Overheard in the Forums will be posted on Thursday.
  • Also expect early tomorrow the early November tv listings for photography shows on TV

    Formatting Update
    We tried to make some changes to make the blog more viewable at 1024x768. Obviously I can't test on every combination of system and browser, so if you are experiencing any problems (or if you saw any improvement) please let me know with a comment here or email to 1001noisycameras [at] gmail [dot] com. If the right column is missing, decreasing the font size will bring it back, although this update should fix the problem for 1024x768 users. As far as 800x600 users, I'm afraid there's not much I can do.

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