Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bloglines Top 1000 blog feeds - any camera and photo blogs there?

Bloglines just introduced their Top 1000 blog feeds. Let's see how many of the blog feeds in the top 1000 are camera and photo related, or of camera and photo interest? Let's take a look!

Three high tech blogs are in the top five, Slashdot, Endadget, and Wired Top stories, which cover digital cameras from a gadget/technology perspective.

Next up, at #15 we find the National Geographic Animal and Nature News, a blog (feed) of interest to nature, landscape, animal and outdoors photographers.

In the top 30 we find more tech/gadget blog feeds, such as Gizmodo, Techdirt, Tech Crunch and CNet. This is where the art blogs start to come in, with the New York Times arts section,, the Arts Journal, and more.

In the top 50 we find more tech blogs, such as PC Magazine product reviews, which of course includes camera reviews, Extreme Tech, and Wired News. On the art side of things we find the Art Knowledge News blog feed.

And yes, we have a cat blog in the top 50! Cat picture fans of the world unite and take over the blogosphere. Hooray for cat pictures! The blog in question is About Cats and this is their blog feed on Bloglines. Meow!

The first hardcore digital camera blog feed resides at #56, and it is no surprise that is!

More technology blogs in the top 100, where we find the New York Times Technology segment with the entertaining David Pogue, the Linux Journal, etc.

There are so many tech blogs out there, we'll leave the rest of them for you to discover.

National Geographic News is at #124, while at #116 we find A Daily Dose of Imagery from Top Left Pixel.

Apple fans will be thrilled to find out that they have made Apple Insider #195, while CNET Japan is five spots on the other side of the #200 spot, along with Engadget Japan a few spots further down.

Flickr fans have made the Flickr Blog #228 in the top 1000.

At #250 we find the Digital Photography School blog feed (blog).

The news sub-feed from dpreview is at #262, although this one was last updated in March 2007.

Of interest to photographers, the Creative Commons blog feed is at #345, while more pictures at #303 where we find the LOLcats and funny pictures blog feed. OMG, a before and after picture of a cat bleach!. Do not try this at home, unless you are using Photoshop or other image editors :)

Pentax fans will be thrilled to find their mothership at #417, the blog feed of Ooops! Hoya bought Pentax. Scratch that line!

At #472 we find the blog feed of and at #479 we find Photographica's blog feed. Photographica is an online photojournalist community.

We just finished the top 500, we will take a coffee break and come back with the rest of the top 1000 :)

Okay, coffee break is over! Now let's take a look at the bottom 500. Digitla photography book publisher O'Reilly's Radar blog is at #508, another Photojojo feed is at #580, David Pogue is at #586.

At #758 we find the East 3rd Photography feed. Tom's Hardware is at #911, while the Electronic Frontier Foundation at #928, and a #998 we have Nikkei Net where we find business-related updates on the digital camera manufacturers.

With 1000 blog feeds listed, it is quite likely we missed a few. If you find any more, please feel free to add them in the Comments section of this post :)

And what about this blog? Where are we? In the top 1 gazillion? Well, not quite, we are in the Top 61,000 :) Here is a Bloglines preview of the 1001 Noisy Cameras blog feed. If you are a fan of Bloglines, please add our feed to your collection :) We like more subscribers :)

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