Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Breaking News: HP essentially quits digital cameras

The full press release at The Imaging Insider.

HP will essentially quit on the digital camera market. The press release of course frames it in a different manner. After the 2007 holiday shopping season, HP will find someone else (an OEM, original equipment manufacturer) to "design, source and distribute" HP-branded cameras for them.

This is not a surprise, HP's presence and influence in the digital camera market has continued to decrease. This will allow HP to focus on other products and markets of interest such as Print 2.0. Printing.

Certainly a number of other manufacturers use 3rd parties for some of their digital camera models, but this is different. HP is handing off everything to this 3rd party. Similar to seeing Polaroid branded digital cameras. The only Polaroid on them is the brand name.

It will be interesting to see who will go after the HP brand as the OEM. Will any of the big manufacturers like Panasonic or Samsung go after this? Or will it be Sanyo, or the Taiwanese companies such as Premier?

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