Monday, November 26, 2007

Canon Japan formally confesses to 1D Mark III Auto focus troubles and repairs

Taking a look at, we see a confession by Canon Japan on 1D Mark III Auto focus troubles, and a notice that FREE repairs will start on November 28. The article mentions that numbers 501001 - 546561 are affected by this. More computer-translated details from Canon Japan.

It is nice to see a manufacturer (finally) owning up to their problems and not hiding behind customer support mumbo-jumbo - as painful and embarrassing as it may be when you have to confess to issues about your flagship model.

Inspired by Canon, I have a few confessions to make: I have grammour and spielling mistakes all over this blug! I arso have incopmlete sentences, inpromper punchuation, incoherrent thoughts and loads more! There, now that feels better! Now I feel a lot closer to Canon :-) I feel like a Canon 1D Mark III :)

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