Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Charts: Amazon top sellers with editorial comment

Today's edition of the reader's choice feature, The Charts, takes a look at the top sellers at Amazon. This is a snapshot of the best sellers list, so please do not draw any long-term conclusions just based on this instance. So, let's see how many Canon cameras we have in the top 10! Is it all ten? :)

1. Canon SD1000. This popular mass market ultra-compact is hard to resist at $170.
2. Canon A560. It's hard to go wrong with this A-series camera for $129. Probably the definition of bang for the buck camera.
3. Canon A570 IS. The same can be said for this model, you just pay an extra $30 for the IS feature, which is a very good way to spend $30 :)
4. Canon SD850 IS. This is a more "grown-up" model of the Elph series, with IS. and the $260 price includes that This does not start at 28mm. The 28mm wide models are the SD800IS and the SD870IS.
5. Canon S5 IS. The latest Canon superzoom for just $340? What's going on here? Well, for one thing, competition! With the latest wave of 15x and 18x superzooms, the 12x superzooms are feeling a little ...inadequate
6. Canon SD800 IS. If you love the Elph cameras and want a lens that starts at 28mm wide, and you have $250 to spend, this is the one for you.
7. Canon Digital Rebel XTi (aka 400D) with EF-S 18-55 kit lens, black finish. You can get two of these for the price of one Canon 40D. Is the Canon 40D worth two Digital Rebels? The answer is up to you, but this 10mp D-Rebel is "just" $650.
8. Canon SD750. A slightly older Elph, with a 3" LCD though, and a reasonable price of $215 or so.
9. Canon G9. $434 is not a bad price to pay for this GINO. While still not the same type of a camera as the original G-series, the G9 definitely stands on its as an independent, empowered digital camera. Now with RAW.
10. Sony W55. The W55 prevents a Canon shutout of the top 10. This very popular Sony model is just $171, and if it wasn't avaiable in so many different colors, it would have probably given the Canon models a run for their money for the top spots. The one at #10 is the pink model.

Well with Canon taking 9 out of 10 spots in the top 10, it's only fair to give the other manufacturers some "air time", so we are extracting the top 10 non-Canon cameras from the best sellers list and presenting them as the "non-Canon top 10" :)
1. Sony W55 pink
2. Sony W55 black
3. Nikon D40 with 18-55 DX kit lens. Yes, a Nikon DSLR with a bundled lens for just under $500!
4. Sony W55 silver. Make them stop please!
5. Fuji S700 (aka S5700). While not stabilized, and "only" a 10x zoom ratio, this is the lowest price long zoom model of the lot at $183 or so.
6. Panasonic TZ3 silver. The TZ3 has created a new sub-segment among long zooms, the "fun zoom" segment.
7. Panasonic TZ3 blue (aka TZ3A). $240 is a reasonable price for this fun camera. While not perfect by any means, it gets lots of bonus points on the fun factor.
8. Panasonic FZ8, black finish. This is probably one of the good bargains out there if you want a superzoom with RAW. Just $225!
9. Sony W80 silver, at a flat $200.
10. Nikon D40x with 18-55 DX lens. Curious how close the price of this kit is with the Digital Rebel. Infact the Nikon kit is a bit less, currently at $630. Clearly yet another Canon vs Nikon face-off taking place here.

PS1> There is a special Amazon promo, you get a free 2gb memory card when you purchase select models. The list of cameras participating in this promotion includes about twenty recent 2007 digital camera models.
PS2> If you are using Internet Explorer the links above may (temporarily) not work properly.

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