Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Discover the RAWsumer blog

The RAWsumer blog is a blog dedicated to RAWsumers. RAWsumers are fixed-lens cameras that support RAW natively. By natively I mean they support RAW out of the box, or through an official firmware update. The RAWsumer blog is more of a reference blog, so it is not updated on a daily basis like this noisy blog.

Just posted at the RAWsumer blog is a round-up of coverage on the Ricoh GRD II, which includes discussions in the Ricoh Forum, dpreview Ricoh forum, and Amin Photo's high ISO comparisons.

If you are looking for a brief history of RAWsumer releases, we have assembled a list that includes the RAWsumer models introduced between January 2002 and November 2007. As you can see from that list, we only had eight new RAWsumers this year. The glory year of RAWsumers was 2004 with a total of 18 new models announced, while 2005 saw 14 new models.

We also have rumors and speculations pertaining to RAWsumers, an Amazon Unspun Best RAWsumer of all time vote, and some more speculations. The Olympus C8080 is currently voted as #1, with the Canon G9 at #2, and the Minolta A2 at #3. Others in the top 10 include the Sony R1, Olympus E20, Sony F727, and Minolta A200. Check the whole list and vote if you like.


amin said...

Thanks for the links. As a fan of RAWsumer cameras, I'm digging the RAWsumer blog!

1001 noisy cameras said...

You are welcome! Thanks for liking the RAWsumer blog :-) If only they made more RAWsumer cameras!