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DSLR Rumors: Two new Pentax DSLRs, the K20D and K200D on January 24, 2008

UPDATE: Pentax K20D and K200D officially announced!
The Pentax K20D is officially announced with a 14.6mp CMOS APS-C sensor. And so is the Pentax K200D, with a 10mp sensor and weatherproofness. Also announced are five brand new lenses!

These were the Rumors before the announcement
According to this thread in the Pentax dpreview forum, two new Pentax DSLRs will be announced on January 24, 2008, the new Pentax K20D and Pentax K200D. The thread has now reached 151 messages and it is closed for further comments. But more discussions on it will spring up in the dpreview Pentax SLR Talk forum.

Check the bottom of the post for the latest updates!!!

That thread says that the Pentax K200D will be using the 10mp sensor found in the Pentax K10D/Samsung GX10. This makes sense, since the K100D Super was just recently released and it was using the 6mp sensor. If they were not planning a K200D, then they would have perhaps put the 10mp sensor in the K100D Super instead!

The Pentax K20D meanwhile will likely generate a lot of buzz, as it is rumored to be using a 14mp (Cypress?? Samsung??) 35mm-FullFrame sensor, 14-bit RAW, Pentax involvement in the sensor development, and sequential improvements, among other things. Update: It is not clear what type of a sensor it is. Newer interpretations and iterations seem to suggest that it might be an APS-C sensor, but there are also rumors of a 35mm full-frame sensor. I guess that's why they are rumors :) Is it January 24 yet?

All the details in this dpreview thread that started it all (in the english-speaking websites)!

As always, until an official announcement (or quasi-official leak) is made, please treat these as rumors.

Reactions from the Pentax World

  • Lots of discussions at There they discuss things in detail, including contributions from some users with more Pentax knowledge than the rest of us.
  • Another K20D discussion at
  • OK1000 says that Pentax will be taking to the streets in New York City promoting their DSLRs. Check OK1000 later on for their comments on the new K20D/K200D rumors.
  • One forum user asks: Is 14mp too much?
  • This is breaking news so it hasn't caught on yet, partially because of time zone differences, but be sure to check out Pentax Life later on for their reactions.

    More Coverage
  • Here is a Pentax patent discussion from early October 2007.
  • The Pentax forum at is discussing it as well!
  • Also at (computer-translated from french to english).
  • The F-word was bound to come up. No, not the swear-word, but the Foveon sensor question.
  • Discussion also at
  • Also at DSL Reports.

    Even More Coverage
  • A discussion at the Digital Photographer Phillipines forum. There we also find another post mentioned of the K20D/K200D at
  • Discussion in German at
  • All K20D references at the Pentax Mailing List (PDML).

    Rumor Recap Discussion Thread
  • A new dpreview thread is recapping all the rumors so far. We are just two months away from January 24, 2008, so it's not that long of a wait, is it? :)
  • Photography Bay summarizes the rumors as well.
  • More discussion including a reference to a Cypress sensor at German forum

    Yet Even More discussions of the Pentax K20D/K200D rumors
  • Also discussed at
  • And at Engadget
  • And at (Croatia)
  • Also Pentax-centric blog OK 1000 discusses the new Pentax DSLR rumors
  • Also picked up at CNet's Crave blog and Gizmodo.
  • Not that we want to brag, but regular readers of this blog knew about this a week ago :)
  • Also discussed by the Flicker K10D group.

    Existing Pentax DSLRs
    For those not familiar with the Pentax DSLRs, they currently have the Pentax K10D (10mp, LiIon, mid-range features), and the (6mp, AA, affordable price range) Pentax K100D Super, K100D, and K110D. Also, the K10D is available in a Samsung flavor, as the GX10.

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