Monday, November 19, 2007

Five digital cameras we want to see in 2008

Granted there are dozens and dozens of cameras we want to see in 2008, but we will spotlight just five. In this installment, we ...focus on fixed-lens cameras. A future installment will ...focus on DSLRs. Presented in no particular order:

1. Ricoh GX110 or GX120: A follow-up to the Ricoh GX100, using Ricoh's new Engine. Megapixels not an issue for me. That's why I am using the fictional GX110 model name. Ricoh has already had the "marketing stones" to remain at 10mp for the GRD II which is nice in this crazy era of megapixel madness.

2. Panasonic FZ60: A follow-up to the space-eaters Lumix FZ30 and FZ50. Whether it starts at wide-angle or uses the same lens is not the biggest issue for us. But rather, we want to see Panasonic stop fooling around with the extra-curricular aspects of the camera and focus on the Venus engine, Sensors, Noise and Noise Reduction Side-effects. Those are my ...ideas for life :)

3. Sigma DP1: Our sources have told us that BigFoot went on a date with the Loch Ness Monster and they took some great pictures of Pigs Flying using the Sigma DP1. The details in the picture were so crisp that they noticed there were four different types of UFOs in the sky, including one that looked like the original Star Trek Enterprise. After their dinner date, Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster went on a stroll around town where they took some lovely low light pictures of Klingons jousting. But in all seriousness, we are interested in seeing this camera :)

4. The Casio 60fps. There was a development notice from Casio earlier this year. The premise of a fast 6mp 1/1.8" sensor in an era of 8mp 1/2.5" and 12mp 1/1.7x" is ...promising!

5. The return of the Fuji 6mp "magic" sensor. Fuji will issue an apology to its loyal users for its megapixel madness, it will revamp its 6mp "magic" sensor/engine, give it a trendy/sexy name to keep the marketing folks happy, and release new/re-vamped models using it.

6. Bonus: For more 2008 speculations, check our PMA 2008 Speculation Spectacular. And if that's not enough, check Photography Bay's PMA 2008 coverage.

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