Saturday, November 17, 2007

Idea: Invitation for guest bloggers

To make this blog a bit more interactive and fun, and give it a different perspective, I am inviting other bloggers and website owners to write guest posts. Please email me with the topic/subject you are interested in writing about, and your blog/website. Or if you are an experienced forum user with a long posting history (eg dpreview forum user).

The topics obviously have to be relevant to the world of cameras and photography, and it could be similar to what's already posted here or not. For example, someone with a legal blog or website could guest-blog about photographer's rights, a wedding photographer could guest-blog "10 tips for great wedding photos", or a hardcore slashdot geek can guest-blog about "testing your DSLR's autofocus with this DYI home-made test kit". If you are a camera shop owner, you could write about the benefits photographers get by shopping at their local camera shop, etc, etc, etc. You get the ...picture :)

And some ground rules:

  • You own the content you write, and you allow me to post it in the guest-blog post in this blog
  • Please write an original article. Please do not submit or publish the exact same article elsewhere. Why? Because search engines and readers do not like duplicate content.
  • No money is changing hands. This is an "old fashioned" guest-post
  • We can both opt-out at any time for any reason. If you want me to remove the post at any time and for any reason, just let me know
  • You can include pictures in your post if you like. Maximum pixel width about 500 pixels so that the pictures are properly displayed on 1024x768 monitors. If you do include pictures, please host them on your own site/gallery, that way you have full control over their usage.
  • You can include up to five links promoting your blogs, websites, picture galleries, RSS feed, digg,, facebook, myspace, tweeter, etc, etc.
  • If you want to include affiliate links, please ask me first.
  • The guest post must not include or promote hate speech, violence, illegal activities, spam, stolen content, etc, etc, etc.

    For more, email [1001noisycameras] at [gmail] dot [com].

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