Friday, November 23, 2007

Impact review: Olympus E510 review posted by dpreview

As we finally recover from Black Friday madness, we start returning to our "regular" content (if there's ever such a thing on this blog). dpreview has posted their review of the Olympus E510. The 32-page review is penned (ok, pixel'ed) by Simon Joinson. As always, I won't be revealing the conclusions, you have to read them for yourselves. And let's face it, confess it, admit it, most of you jump to the conclusions first and look for the rating, and then read the review :)

The E510 is available from dpreview's mothership (Amazon) for $675 with the two-lens kit (14-42, 40-150) which is the best bang for the buck option. Also available for $585 with just the 14-42 lens, and $492 body only if you don't need the aforementioned lenses. Prices and availability as of the time of writing and they are subject to ch-ch-ch-change.

PS> Tomorrow (Saturday) we will return with more of our regular features, with Cyber Monday coverage starting on Sunday. Ricoh apparently sneaked in a new P&S camera while we were not looking :)

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