Thursday, November 1, 2007

Inside the Imaging Insider

It's been a while since we had our regular updates, so let's catch up with some of the dozens and dozens new updates at the Imaging Insider. And if you don't want to miss an update, you can subscribe to the  Imaging Insider feed.

  • A Ricoh.UK representative gives an exclusive interview on the Ricoh GRD2.
  • Murder mystery in Texas, a photographer was found dead in Cedar Hill.
  • Kodak reveals their dollars and sense for the third quarter and so does Matsushita-Panasonic.
  • The anatomy of a Vivitar digital camera.
  • Samsung goes shopping and picks up a sensor maker.
  • Avoid food poisoning while on the road.
  • Photographers become the subject of this new reality tv show from VH1, the next top fashion photographer.
  • PC Magazine picks a few starter cameras, and picks beginner books.
  • Panasonic L10 gets reviewed, and so does the Alpha A700.
  • A 100 UK pound rebate from Olympus UK on the E510. And for E3 buyers they offer a free power grip and backpack.
  • Crowdsourcing?
  • The Canon 1D Mark III soap continues.
  • A Nikon D3 sighting.
  • A directory of photography assistants.
  • The Phase One CEO gives an interview.
  • Ansel Adams, 400 photographs.
  • A wave of new reviews are listed. Too many to list here, but you can check them list here.
  • Speaking of waves, this blogger has compiled a list of 83 blogs and websites to discover!

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