Sunday, November 4, 2007

New digital cameras in October 2007

October is already in the history books, so what did October have in store for us in terms of new digital camera announcements?

The biggest one of course was the anticipated announcement of the Olympus E3, the new flagship 4/3rds DSLR.

The biggest surprise came from Ricoh in very late October when they announced the Ricoh GRD II, about two years after the original GR Digital (GRD).

Sony offered a variation on a theme with the new Cybershot T2 by giving it 4gb worth of built-in memory. Symbolic name perhaps, since the first T-series camera was named T1.

Samsung didn't really announced this new camera, it just showed up in stores, the Samsung S73, which looks very similar to their current S730.

Meanwhile, Kenko announced a few cameras in Japan, a cameras that look a little bit Kodak-ish to me :)

Pentax announced two new Optio digital cameras, the A40 and the V10. The V10 is a continuation of their Altoid tin box S-series cameras, while the A40 is a continuation of their A-series with a 12mp sensor. However, because of a fire at Matsushita factory in Japan that made its LiIon batteries, the release of the A40 has been postponed until February 2008.

On the impact lenses front, Pentax announced their 18-250 super zoom, which makes K100D and K10D owners happy for their sensor shift image stabilization feature.

Pre-ordering the new cameras

  • The Ricoh GRD II is available for pre-ordering from Adorama at $700. I haven't seen it listed anywhere else in the US market.
  • The Olympus E3 is available for $1700, body-only at Amazon and many other places
  • The Sony T2 is available for pre-ordering at $350 at Amazon and other retailers
  • The Samsung S73 is available right now in-stores for $130. Also offered at Amazon via J&R World.
  • The Pentax A40 is available for pre-order at $300 at Amazon and elsewhere, but don't expect it to arrive anytime soon.
  • The Pentax V10 pre-order is at $250, and available at Amazon and elsewhere.
  • Finally the Pentax 18-250 lens pre-orders at $500 from Amazon and elsewhere.

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