Friday, November 30, 2007

Photography Soup (Friday November 30)

In today's installment we introduce a new blog by Ryan Brenizer at Amazon, we discuss the Sigma DP1 update, spotlight one of our Noisy Readers, talk Camera Economics 1001, learn how to publish a book on Amazon's Kindle, and take a spin around the PhotoBlogoSphere.

Introducing Ryan Brenizer's Camera and Photo Blog at Amazon
There is a new camera and photo blog starting up at Amazon, written by professional photographer Ryan Brenizer. In today's post Ryan informs us that the Nikon D3 is supposed to start shipping. Also, four focusing tips in challenging situations. You can also sign up for the blog's RSS feed.

1001 Noisy Reader Spotlight
In today's Reader spotlight, we feature BikeJohn's flickr stream and flickr sets, and his brand new blog, and his previous blog. To join the 1001 Noisy Readers list, visit the Noisy Readers page.

The Sigma DP1 Update
dpreview has posted the update from Sigma in english. For more on this, check our coverage of the Sigma DP1 update. A skeptic could point out that if they are using the same (or similar) sensor as the SD14, and same (or similar) processing engine as the SD14, what exactly was it in the "image processing pipeline" that caused this delay? Are they covering up something else? A bad lens? A new sensor became available?

Camera Economics 101: Nikon D3 sells for $1000 more, Nikon D300 sells for $200 more

This is a great example for those taking Camera Economics 101 at their local university :) The Nikon D300 has been a very buzzworthy camera, only second to the game-changing Nikon D3, and as such it has built up a strong pre-release following. Because of that, some retailers who have taken Economics 101 realized that the market may be willing to pay a higher price for it, so they are offering at $2000 body only, instead of $1800.

An even bigger lesson in PhotoEcononics 101 is Cameta Cameras offering the Nikon D3 for $6000, instead of the $5000 price. Why is that? Demand exceeds supply, and supply is very limited. Since this is not milk, bread or water, and (contrary to popular belief) people can survive without a Nikon D3, it's fair game in my opinion :)

Prices and availability mentioned above are as of the time of writing, and can and will change by the time you are reading this :)

Around the PhotoBlogoSphere

  • If you missed it from earlier this month, posted sample production pictures from the Nikon D300.
  • Fuji's entry in the 18x hyper zoom segment, the Fuji S8000fd gets reviewed by Simon Joinson and newcomer Richard Butler at dpreview. What did they discover in this 18-page review? As always, I won't be spoiling their conclusions. But remember, this is an 18x superzoom camera using a small sensor, so don't expect it to behave like a Canon 5D with an L-series IS USM lens attached to it :)

  • Amin opines on the Sigma DP1 update.
  • Strobist discusses lighting basketball. Just don't shine the light on the Knicks ;-)
  • Creativity is the theme of the latest posts at Digital Pro Talk, including part II of David's series, and tips from John Caponigro's newsletter. And the great wedding pictures of Matt McGraw are highlighted.
  • David Ziser at Digital Pro Talk has posted a new wave of updates, including an update on the George Eastman House, and a farewell to the beautiful Cabo San Lucas.

  • Off-topic article of the day
    In this segment we feature articles or websites that are not directly related to photography and cameras, but the topic might be of great interest to a lot of our readers. In today's installment we have a great article by Pat Doyle, a step by step guide on publishing your book on Amazon's new Kindle service. This might be of interest to other bloggers, website owners and authors who have written or want to write. Kindle (pictured below) is currently available at the early adopter price of $400.

    This Noisy Blog would like to thank...
  • A big thank you to Ryan Brenizer's blog for adding this noisy blog to their list of camera and photo links!
  • Thanks Photography Bay for mentioning this blog's Pentax K20D/K200d rumor roundup page!
  • Thanks to the Flickr Pentax K10D group for referring to this blog's K20D/K200d rumors page.
  • Also thanks to,, and blog for referring to this blog's Pentax K20D/K200D rumours page.

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