Friday, November 9, 2007

Photography Soup (Friday November 9, 2007)

  • informs us of Nikon's latest financial results. And they look very pretty! Link to Nikon Japan financials.
  • dpreview informs us that Zeiss will be introducing new Industrial lenses for the Nikon F mount, also of interest to some photographers. This ZF-I line will start with three f/2 lenses at 25mm, 28mm and 35mm. I expect one of each for Christmas. Thank you readers ;-)
  • IR also talks about Zeiss ZF-I.
  • Scott Kelby posts his Friday Wrap-up at the Photoshop Insider blog. Among other things mentioned is .... camera porn (no, not what you think, the cameras are the subject), the Photoshop CS3 magical mystery tour and more.
  • Kelby also posts his second annual "Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide" at the Layers Magazine website.
  • Kelby also shares some maintenance tips on Lightroom.
  • Some great pictures as always at David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog, along with a "Digital vs Film" discussion, giant pictures, new photographers, a blast from the past, black and white photos and much more.
  • If you are interested in imaging sensors be sure to check out Imaging Sensors World.
  • David Pogue has a Readers Q&A of sort. And for those linguists out there, did you try the new Canon Digital Pogue?
  • Another great digital photography site is So visit dpnow now!

    Inside the Imaging Insider
  • Xerox digs into your trash.
  • Sony's CEO speaks on the silly BluRay vs HD-DVD wars. These would be great storage places for your big RAW files, but since we don't know which format will prevail, who wants to risk it?
  • Dave Black takes the Nikon D3 on the road.
  • Liquid Light???
  • A Seattle photographer gets $8000 for a wrongful arrest. But I wouldn't recommend tryign this approach as a "get rich quick scheme" ;-)
  • Become a great catalog photographer. Victoria's Secret is a catalog too the story tells us.
  • On the reviews front we have new reviews spotted for the Sony A700, Canon EF 14 f2.8L, a Casio head to head review, and more.
  • Go Inside the Insider for all the latest news from the wide world of photography and imaging.

    SciFi Bargain Hunter's Corner
    I know some of you are big scifi fans, so you may be interested in this. Today only (Friday), Amazon offers the season one dvd set of Battlestar Galactica for just $28.50 with free shipping as their GoldBox deal of the day.

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