Saturday, November 24, 2007

Photography Soup (Saturday November 24)

  • After *gasp* 11 days without Soup, the Photography Soup is back with a jam-packed edition, trying to catch up with all the things we missed during BFM (Black Friday Madness).

    1001 Noisy Readers Spotlight
    As we promised during Reader Appreciation Day, we will be spotlighting one of the 1001 Noisy Readers in each episode of Photography Soup. We will be going down the list and featuring the readers in printed order. So if you want to be featured in a future episode, join on the 1001 Noisy Readers list!

    The first ever 1001 Noisy Reader Spotlight features Aylmerqc's Flickr stream. Check out his pictures including a pinhole project, his Flickr Collections and his Flickr sets.

    Around the PhotoBlogoSphere
  • How about that for a new term to describe photography-related blogs? :) Added to the 1001 Noisy Terms.
  • Strobist posts another round of speedlinks, including a Nikon Behind the Scenes.
  • Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Ten years later and 435 reviews later here we are. That's an average of 43.5 reviews per year. Speaking of which, they just posted their Sony T200 review.
  • Imaging Resource reviews the Canon G9, while dpreview reviews the Olympus E510, and I am working towards my first lens cap review :)
  • Professional wedding photographer David Ziser talks about "film news", Flicker fame, print life (a Wilhelm Imaging Research article). And as always he posts some of his excellent images such as the Cabo Colors #9. And a bonus post: Learn what a turkducken is (yes, you can eat it).
  • News nuggests from Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider blog. Apart from being a Photoshop all-around guru, Scott Kelby has published a number of books, two of his latest buzzworthy books are 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3, and The iPhone Book: How to Do the Things You Want to Do with Your iPhone, co-authored with Terry White.

    News from Japan
    Visit for the latest computer-translated news from Japan. There we find:
  • there's a special Panasonic L10 bag for early birds
  • something about Fuji and Velvia 50 - what is Velvia 50? Is that a new version of their SuperCCD sensor? :-)
  • Nikon did not announce the new VR kit lens in Japan just yet
  • This and That firmware updates from a number of manufactures

    Research the hottest 2007 models at the Imaging Insider
    The Imaging Insider Archives are a great place to research some of your favorite cameras as they have a collection of articles and news stories, as well as review announcements. Here are some of the hottest models:
  • Nikon D3 and D300
  • Canon 40D
  • Sony A700
  • Olympus E3
  • Canon G9
  • Panasonic FZ18

    VH1's New Reality TV show: The Shot: Ten aspiring photographers, one winner
    It is the typical reality TV show formula. Throw ten contestants into the Reality TV Hat, put them through the meat grinder, cause lots of drama, and pick one as the winner. Except this time the contestants are aspiring professional photographers who want a shot at big time. This eight episode series airs on VH1 every Sunday, with repeats throughout the week. Episode #4 will air on Sunday November 25, 2007. If you missed any of the episodes, you can get them at $2 each from Amazon Unbox. Through Unbox you can also have the episodes "magically" appear on your broadband-connected TiVo box.

    This Noisy Blog's Recent Posts
  • Ricoh quietly announced the RR770. We finally caught up with it.
  • dpreview reviews the Olympus E510
  • If you aren't burnt out on Black Friday, here is Black Friday Madness
  • Imaging Resource posts production Nikon D300 samples
  • Rumors fly on the net about a Pentax K20D and K200D announcement on January 24, 2008. And who's the daddy sensor maker?
  • A month is not a month without speculation: Five fixed lens cameras we want to see in 2008.
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  • The support and promote your local camera shop initiative.
  • Thanks to Loopstas blog for adding this blog to their list of blogs!

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
  • Camera deals at the Camera Deals blog.
  • Camera deals at Camera Town

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