Thursday, November 29, 2007

Photography Soup (Thursday November 29)

In today's edition we discover the Nikon D300 with the 18-135 DX lens is currently available from Amazon, a more affordable way to read this blog on the new Amazon Kindle, we feature the next Noisy Reader, and take a look around the PhotoBlogoSphere.

1001 Noisy Reader Spotlight
Today's featured reader blog is Digital Mundane. Be sure to check out their photo blog, with more than 100 images posted. They have some very nice pictures from around the world.

The reader blogs and galleries are featured in this spotlight segment on a first come first served basis. To see all our featured readers or if you want to be added to the rotation, be sure to check the 1001 Noisy Readers List.

The Nikon D300 Big Bang
The Nikon D300 with the 18-135 DX lens is available on Amazon right now for $2100. It is currently the biggest mover in the Amazon Camera and Photo segment. As always, prices and availability can change at any time, especially for a hot product like the D300.

Read this blog on Amazon's Kindle for less!
The good people at Feedblitz inform Amazon Kindle readers that it would cost them a lot less to receive their blog subscriptions by email using the Feedblitz consolidated daily summary service, than using individual blog feeds. More details from Feedblitz. Feedblitz is an email subscription service.

For those not familiar with Amazon's Kindle: We do not charge for our blog feed, nor does Feedblitz. However, Amazon charges Kindle subscribers for blog subscriptions and email updates. Emails cost 10c per, while blog subscriptions cost 99c per, so the idea from Feedblitz is that you pay 10c per day and get all your feeds in one email, instead of paying 99c per blog feed. Of course this is for blogs you are okay with getting one update per day, instead of getting updates after they are posted.

A lot of people prefer RSS subscriptions, and we have RSS subscription buttons all over this blog, look for the identifying orange syndication button like this one:  Subscribe to the 1001 Noisy Cameras RSS/Atom feed delivers a newsletter and blog has introduced a new monthly newsletter, starting with the October 2007 edition and they have also introduced a news and updates blog. If you are not familiar with, be sure to visit the site as they have a lot of practical, useful and technical information. Such as the Nikon AF-S DX 12-24 lens review.

Around the PhotoBlogoSphere

  • Scott Kelby has a challenge for you! Find a way to get the book readers to read the book introduction, and win a signed book and other fabulous prizes.
  • Amin's Photo blog has a fact or fiction article on whether there is a deep DOF advantage when using smaller sensors.
  • David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk has a number of updates, including the first installment of a series on how to get the creative juices flowing, a fisheye technique, more from Cabo, and some great pictures as always.
  • David Ziser is also featured in this Strobist post on his table-top photography technique. Strobist is a Blogger Blog of Note blog that concentrates on lighting (strobes, flashes), but also covers related topics.
  • Digital Photography School presents 99 remarkable photographer portfolios! Are you one of them?
  • Check out the photography category at the new social bookmarking site We will be doing a round-up of some of those posts of interest later this week.
  • Wired tests the Casio EX-Z1200. One of its predecessors, the EX-Z1050 got a very positive review by, so it will be interesting to see how this 12mp model did.
  • Speaking of DCresource, they have just posted a review of the Panasonic FX55.

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
    Today we have two SD memory cards from J&R World. Your typical 2gb Sandisk SD card for $20, and the 2gb Eye-Fi Wireless SD card for $100.

    Also, The Right Pic has a contest, the person who comes up with the best explanation of why they bought their camera, will win a $20 Amazon gift card, offered by

    Photography Soup Status
    You are watching a slow live blog update. This edition of the Photography Soup is now final!

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