Friday, November 30, 2007

Sigma Japan breaks the silence with a Sigma DP1 update! (computer-translated) has an update from Sigma on the status of the long waited Sigma DP-1. The press release is dated today, November 30, 2007 and available from Sigma Japan (also computer-translated).

My computer-translated Japanese is not fluent, so the following is my attempt to figure out what it means. It could be totally wrong, so please keep that in mind!

  • It reached pre-beta testing in early summer but they were not satisfied with the "image processing pipeline", so they "reconstructed it". It was not up to par with the SD-series image quality (or something like that).
  • They phased a dilemma: "compromise picture quality" or redo the "image processing pipeline". After "extreme argument" within the company they decided to redo.
  • it appears that the redone version is some sort of alpha version or alpha testing at the moment?
  • they acknowledge the user frustration and disappointment because of the long delay
  • they promise it will be "worth waiting", but cannot provide a time frame
  • Again, keep in mind the above is from computer-translated text, it could be totally off!

    PS> I am so tempted to repeat the BigFoot taking pictures of the Lochness Monster with the DP1 joke, but I feel so bad for Sigma today, that I won't repeat it.

    More details on the Sigma Update
  • Discussion of this new DP-1 Sigma update in this thread in the Sigma forum at dpreview. The thread includes an english version of the press release from Sigma Japan. It turns out that the computer-translated version wasn't off after all. Which is starting to worry me, am I becoming a machine? :)
  • For more Sigma discussions, check the dpreview Sigma Talk forum.
  • Amin's Photo blog discusses the DP1 update.
  • The english press release is now at dpreview news.

  • This perhaps is good news for Ricoh, because we now know for sure that their new GRD II is not going to have any direct competition this holiday shopping season. (Unless of course we get a December surprise!)
  • So what else does this mean? That Sigma is working on it, and now we now why we hadn't seen this camera yet. With so much time, it obviously creates an opening for other manufacturers to jump in this segment with similar models. But will they? A lot of the traditional SLR manufacturers continue to operate in SLR-priority mode, so they are likely to produce something similar only if they have to - for competitive and market share reasons.
  • So overall this was not a good day for RAWsumers since the DP-1 is essentially back on the drawing board (okay, alpha testing stage), and no other RAWsumer camera appears to be in the works from the competition.
  • Does this also mean that Sigma's plans for their next DSLR are also affected by this setback? Or is this isolated to the DP-1? If they were going to use the same sensor as the SD14, then where exactly was the problem?


    Candy said...


    Working on it... check's in the mail...right. LOL

    Let's hope by the time they get it to market it doesn't turn into the DF1- "Digital Fun 1" model... with 1/2.5 sensor and 10x zoom!

    In 6 fashionable colors!

    Arrrggghhh! LOL

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    The DF1 is not that far off from the Polaroid X530 :-) I will hold out for the special "Hello Kitty" edition. I'm sure it will fetch $50,000 in 2040 as a collectible.

    Maybe Sigma will get tired of all my DP1 jokes and send me a working DP1 unit to make me eat my words :-) (*wink* *wink* Sigma)