Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We are the (DSLR) champions: The Nikon D3

The DSLR playoffs are over and we have a new champion, the Nikon D3 that defeated the Nikon D300 in a race that was closer than anticipated. The outcome was decided by the readers of the blog, as they voted in each round for their favorite camera selection. For the DSLR playoff results, please check the right column of this blog.

If you liked this poll-playoffs format, stay tuned for future editions. If you have any comments, feedback on this please let me know. The comments section is always open, or send an email. The email address and link is on the right column of this blog in the About section.

And here is the new DSLR champion, the Nikon D3, available for pre-ordering from J&R at $5,000:

ps> Blogger will be having some maintenance at 2am New York City time tonight, so we may experience some downtime. So read early, and often :)


Anonymous said...

D300 , 12 megapixel sensor, Nikon also increases picture processor system in D300 by planted EXPEED picture processor. Camera using this processor said has more efficient power and can produce free noise picture. Focus sensor improvement also done by Nikon with installing CAM3500DX automatic focus sensor which able to provide 51 focus area in D300.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for your comment!

This DSLR champion was based on a series of poll votes by the readers, and the price of the camera was not an issue. Obviously if the price was an issue, it would have been a different result :)

Anonymous said...

How can a camera win anything if it is only on PREORDER

1001 noisy cameras said...

That is a great question. At that DSLR Playoff series, the pre-order cameras were included. The "DSLR Playoffs" are a vote of popularity and interest more than anything else.

But the D3 was not a total unknown at that time. Sample pictures that showed its "skills" had already been out, eg at digitalreview.ca.

But in this year's edition, no pre-order cameras were included.