Sunday, November 4, 2007

Week in review, and what's coming up

As usual we start with the week that was, in chronological order.

  • We completed the first round of our PMA 2008 speculations. This will be updated continually until we reach PMA 2008
  • We introduced 1001 Noisy Readers, where our readers showcase their galleries, blogs or anything else they wish
  • If you missed it, this is the previous week's rewind, Oct 21-27
  • We completed our gigantic listing of every single current digital camera from the major manufacturers
  • Because of those three big posts, some of our recent posts were buried, so we did a quick recap
  • The Kodak C513 is now available! Why is an $80 super basic camera of interest? It features a Kodak 1/2.5" CMOS sensor. CCDs continue to dominate the fixed lens market among the major manufacturers even though CMOS has made a big splash among DSLRs, so people are following this to see if CMOS will indeed make its way to fixed lens cameras from the major manufacturers as well
  • The DSLR Playoff Finals have began! The Nikon D3 is squaring off with the Nikon D300. You, the readers, will be deciding the outcome by voting in the poll, located in the right column of this noisy blog
  • A new Ansel Adams books was released on October 28, entitled Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs, a 440 page comprehensive chronological look at his work, broken down in five time periods.

  • And we had a pleasant surprise, Ricoh introduced the GRD II. We also assembled reactions to the GRD2 announcement from all over the net. For those in the USA, Adorama is the only place that has it available for pre-orders as far as I know. The pre-order price is $700.
  • We had our weekly installment of the Reader Choice feature, The Charts by looking at the top sellers at J&R World
  • We also posted a quick blog troubleshooting tidbit
  • With so much happening, we had another recap summarizing some of the latest
  • Then we posted our early November TV listings. Be sure to tune in to VH1 for a new eight episode reality TV show, where ten aspiring photographers compete for a chance to be the next top fashion photographer. More details and airtimes in the listings
  • Next we started catching up with everything else in the world of imaging by taking a look at over 20 exciting stories gathered by the Imaging Insider
  • Then we had the Friday edition of our (almost (HA!) daily) Photography Soup
  • With November coming in, we are officially orbiting the holidays, and the holiday shopping season has began! Here are our favorite holiday shopping destinations, and shopping there you can support this noisy blog, which is subscription free :)
  • dpreview breaks some exciting news for Pentax and Nikon mount owners, Voigtlander (Cosina) has announced a 40mm pancake and a 58mm prime available for the Pentax KA and Nikon mounts
  • Then we introduced a new weekly feature, the top five most viewed blog posts are featured and archived. So over time you can see what stories were popular on this blog
  • And then we introduced a new on-going feature, a list of digital camera buyer's guides guide, where both our buyer's guides and those of websites and blogs around the net are listed. If you have any new guides you think belong there, let me know and I'll add them up!

    Coming up this week and beyond at 1001 Noisy
  • The DSLR Playoff Finals will conclude early on Tuesday. Vote early and often as you, the readers are deciding the outcome.
  • A new buyer's guide will be posted, covering a specific segment of the market
  • We introduce a new feature, "1001 Noisy Platinum"
  • We will continue to update the TV listings for Photography shows on TV (USA cable/satellite) for November.
  • Other new features that we don't want to jinx by mentioning
  • Our regular/weekly features as outlined in the About this blog page.
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    Calendar of sorts
  • Are we going to get a November surprise? Ricoh almost gave us one with the October30 announcement of the GRD II. How about a Canon 5D Mark II or 7D? How about Leica versions of the latest Panasonic models? How about a Pentax K1D or K12D? Hey what about the Sigma DP1? We are waiting for you Shiguma!
  • January 2008: CES 2008
  • late Jan/early Feb: PMA 2008
  • Fall 2008: Photokina 2008
  • Jan 2009: CES 2009
  • early 2009: PMA 2009
  • Fall 2009: Fauxtokina 2009
  • PMA 2043: A commemorative retro Digital Rebel anniversary edition is issued by Samsung-Canon, after Samsung bought Canon in 2041 (crystal ball prediction)

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