Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week in review (November 18 thru 24, 2007)

This week was dominated by the rumors of a Pentax K20D and K200D being announced on January 24, 2008, and of course Black Friday.

We also had one jam-packed edition of the Photography Soup, along with another speculation spectacular, Five fixed lens cameras we'd like to see in 2008 (DSLR top 5 coming later on).

On the interactive front we had an impromptu Reader Appreciation day, to coincide with Thanksgiving week, where we announced that each one of the 1001 Noisy Readers will be spotlighted in each new episode of the Photography Soup. We also updated the top 5 posts of this week, where you can find the top 5 posts of each week since we starting this new feature.

This week also saw an impact review perhaps for the 4/3rds mount, Simon Joinson of dpreview giving the Olympus E510 a 32-page thorough test, and we also saw production sample pictures from the Nikon D300 at Imaging Resource.

On the new camera front, Ricoh quietly announced the P&S RR770.

We continued with the top 5 theme this week with five hot dpreview threads and five stories from It's a good thing we didn't go with Top 1001 Lists because this blog would still be loading :)

If you missed the previous week, check that week'srewind (Nov 11-18), and you can catch up with our older posts in weekly summary format by clicking on the weekly rewind tag/label.

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