Monday, November 12, 2007

Week in review (November 4 to 11, 2007)

Let's review what we posted in the last week! For this post, we will be trying a little bit of a different presentation format. Instead of a chronological listing, it will be an editorial listing :) Let's get started!

We had one of those rare lightbulb moments when we decided to start an impromptu grassroots Support your local camera shop initiative. Check it out! If you have a camera shop, let me know and I will list it there. More details here. had a nice surprise, an early pre-production series of tests of the Olympus E3. Be sure to check it out. And pixel peepers there's ISO 3200 pictures for you :)

Speaking of reviews, there was a trio of Panasonic L10 reviews posted last week at DCresource et al.

We also introduced a new multi-part series "I want to buy a ...", with the first episode featuring Pentax. Panasonic is next. Eventually we'll go through all the major manufacturers.

Our 30-page report listing every single current digital camera by manufacturer, is finally completed. Yes, camera fans, this is for you, 30 pages long! All text too. If I added pictures, it would have been 50 pages long. Pages are defined as an 800-pixel long page :)

We had our daily Photography Soup round-ups almost daily. Be sure to catch up with our Monday, Tueday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday camera and photo roundups.

For gearheads, we have created a new list of all new camera announcements broken down by manufacturer, since this blog got started around April 2007. We also summarized all new digital camera releases of October 2007.

For shoppers out there, we have assembled a list of buyer's guides from around the net, and created our favorite holiday shopping destinations, which includes some of the most reputable online dealers on the net, including B&H Photo, Amazon, Calumet Photo, Cameta, J&R World, Adorama, OneCall, New Egg, Dell Biz, and more.

On the blogging front, we introduced a new feature, the top five posts of each week, and we finally created something that resembles a Site Map of sorts.

We also dug into the Bloglines Top 1000 blog feeds, looking for camera and photo blog feeds.

Nikon fans will be thrilled, because the Nikon D3 was crowned the DSLR champion of our first ever DSLR playoffs. For all the results, be sure to check the results (polls) in the right column of the blog. You, the readers, decided the outcome.

Our weekly The Charts feature took a snapshot of the top selling cameras at Amazon. Our next Charts episode will be looking at Map camera in Japan.

If you missed it, be sure to check out 1001 Noisy Readers, where the blog readers can feature their galleries, blogs, websites or anything else they want to feature.

Also don't forget to check our first round of PMA 2008 speculation!

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