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Review #7: Who's advertising in the December 2007 edition of Pop Photo?

One of our regular but intermittent features is to look at which camera and lens companies are advertising in the print media. In today's installment we take a look at the December 2007 edition of Popular Photography and Imaging but this time we also review some of the ads.

This is not a comprehensive list of advertisers, that would take forever to do, just the camera and lens companies, and anything else that might be of interest one way or the other.

So let's get started, Sony has a two-page ad on the inside cover, with the "In Photography, timing is everything" slogan, promoting the new Sony A700. Not a bad ad, but quite predictable.

Then Nikon sponsors the Mentor Series, and their workshop in Norway in April 2008. I wanna go too! This takes up two full pages and is an informational ad.

The lovely Sanyo Eneloops get a one page ad, in an ad that is a bit off, why are they advertising mouse clicks on a photography magazine? Surely the average photographer does not buy Eneloops to power their wireless mouse, but to power their cameras, flashes, battery grips, and other photographic accessories!

Then the Pentax has another installment of their Pentaxians promotion, with "Rule #1: Don't follow everyone else's rules about photography". I have to say that most of the Pentaxian ads are a breath of fresh air compared to the other manufacturers.

Olympus goes wild with a one page ad on the Olympus E3 (starting to ship) with a quote by visionary Larry Price, and a two page ad on the Olympus E510, with the Capture It All slogan at the bottom. They also have a column that is 1/3rd of a page listing the E3's main characteristics.

Canon has two individual one page ads with the "Inspired by Canon" slogan and promoting their lenses. Colorful, and "lensy" :)

Then Nikon returns with a two page ad on James Balog and glacial ice, as part of the Stunning Nikon challenge. Nice overall.

Sigma promotes their 18-200 DC OS lens in a traditional Sigma lens one page ad, and they return later on with a very busy two page ad, promoting the color capture capabilities of the Sigma SD14. From this ad we learn that Foveon likes Sushi :)

Pentax returns with a Pentaxian profile of Julie Quarry, who transformed into a pro photographer in just two years. Check the ad or for the rest of her story. In another single page ad, Pentax invites everyone to join them on a photo cruise by CruiseWest. They also have a contest where you can win a free trip and Pentax gear.

Panasonic goes on the TZ-attack with a four page ad, mainly featuring the "fun zoom" Panasonic TZ3, promoting the MegaOIS in an easy to understand before and after picture among other things. They also promote the FX55 and FX33 along with the hyperzoom FZ18 on a single page ad. It looks like Panasonic wants to capitalize on TZ3's reputation and popularity as a fun zoom among internet dwellers and turn it into a big blockbuster among all photographers.

Tamron promotes their 18-250 Di II lens, with the "travel light" theme. Certainly one "digital" lens is lighter than a big box full of L series lenses. But can you get the same pictures? They also promote their SP AF 17-50 XR Di II LD IF.

Tokina joins the party with a single page ad featuring their six most prominent lenses, including the new 16-50 f/2.8 AT-X 165 PRO DX.

On the workshops front, Sony promotes their digital days photoworkshops starting at $69, with a lovely lady holding a Sony H3. Sony H3 being Sony's answer to the "fun zoom" segment. Panasonic introduces their "Digital Photo Academy" in 20 cities around the country. Not to be confused with the controversial StarFleet Academy ;-)

Casio couldn't be left out, and they promote the EX-V8 as the ultimate companion to your DSLR. Not sure if that was the best way to spend their advertising dollars, if I was doing the ad, I would have featured the cutesy EX-S and EX-Z series cameras. Needless to say the YouTube feature is hard to miss in the ad.

Even Ricoh jumps into the advertising pool with the Ricoh GX100. They have a very nicely done ad which I am sure will resonate with the current GX100 owners. The theme is "re-discover creativity" which is true (and a must) for those who want to use the GX100. One nitpick on the ad however, they have a very long url promoting the camera (this critique coming from a blog with a very long url ;-). Ricoh webmasters, how hard is it to create a redirect for But this quite revealing perhaps, the approach to the url is similar to the approach to the camera. Not super user friendly, but those who know how to use it, can make it sing :)

We don't usually cover any of the retailer advertisers unless they have a giant ad for a specific camera, and Roberts of Indianapolis has a giant picture of the Nikon D3.

The PMA 2008 trade show takes on a full page ad as well, reminding everyone that the show will take place January 31 to February 2, 2008 this year.

Last but certainly not least is the back cover, where Nikon's StunningNikon campaign showcases Beth Wald's adventurous pictures in the South China Sea.

As you can see, this being the start of the holiday shopping season, the manufacturers have gone on the attack and filled up the pages with ads touting their latest or most popular products. But not everyone is "ad-partying": Absent from this advertising party are Fuji, Leica, Kodak, Samsung and HP.

Look for the December edition of Pop Photo at your local newsstand or subscribe to it through Amazon, if you are interested.

Please note this is not a paid or contracted review. There is a trend among many blogs to do paid reviews. None of our reviews are paid or contracted or planned or well thought-out :) And another question answered: "Why the product links?" Because those potential purchases support this poor blog (you may have noticed there is no subscription fee or membership fee or any requirement to sign up before reading any of the articles here). This allows us to bring you more exciting, unique, and totally silly and irrelevant features :)

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