Saturday, December 8, 2007

1001 Noisy Planning: Thinking aloud

There's a number of things that I want to do and I would love to do on this blog, unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day, so there have to be some compromises. So since we are in an era of blogging-reality, I will list some of things that are on my todo list. Please keep in mind that all references to time are relative :)

  • The majority of the readers voting in our new poll said that they would be interested in this blog maintaining a list of DSLR reviews. So will attempt an "alpha test" of that feature by rounding up the reviews of a few select DSLRs. Expect this sometime next week.
  • Try to remove clutter and improve blog load times and readability.
  • Finish "1001 Noisy Platinum"
  • Finish a book review (sometime next week)
  • A review round-up of RAWsumers at the RAWsumer blog
  • More content on RAWsumer
  • Offer one of the big blog stories in PDF format as part of an RSS subscription drive
  • Get this blog published on Amazon's Kindle (yeah right!)
  • Break into the Alexa Top 100K
  • Discuss Q3 2007 USA digital camera market share numbers
  • Investigate guest-blogging in both directions (other bloggers guest-blogging here, or moi guest-blogging there)
  • Evaluate our Fauxtokina 2007 predictions
  • and more stuff that I won't post because they are too boring/mundane, or I don't want to jinx them or spoil the surprise :)

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