Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bargain Alert: Panasonics dropping and Samsung L730 for $100

There are so many price drops, I had to post an "emergency" bargain alert for those reading late at night or early in the morning. Here we go:

A number of Panasonic models have dropped in price at Amazon, including the Panasonic FZ18 at $300, the Panasonic FZ8 at $230, the Panasonic FX33 at $240, and the Panasonic FX10 offered at the very low price of $120 via Vanns on Amazon.

Interestingly the "fun zoom" Panasonic TZ3 has remained in the $240 to $250 price range, so the price cuts are not across the board it seems. I haven't compared all of their cameras so I can't make a definitive statement.

This of course on top of the Panasonic L1 with the Leica 14-50 f2.8-3.5 MegaOIS lens for $800 that's been going on for about 24 hours.

But Panasonic is not the only one. The Canon SD430, an older Elph (Ixus, Ixy) model with wifi support, is intermittently available from Amazon herself for $150.

Meanwhile Samsung is offering their Samsung L730, your typical 7mp, 3x optical, LiIon-based compact for just $100 in silver or black. That's right one hundred only and it includes free shipping and a coupon code for a free 12-month photo calendar from Shutterfly.

Some other cameras making waves (but not necessarily bargain-alert priced): Samsung NV11 for $275 through J&R World at Amazon, Panasonic LS75 at $108, Panasonic FX12 at $160, Panasonic FX30 at $200 thru J&R World on Amazon.

Nikon D300 available at Amazon right now
And while I'm digging around on Amazon, the Nikon D300 is currently in stock from Amazon for $1800 body only, and it includes the following specials (see Amazon product page for details):

  • free Lowepro Transporter Camera Strap
  • Save $150.00 on Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G VR Lens when you purchase 1 or more Nikon D300 or D3 DSLR offered by Amazon.com. Offer details
  • Save 5% on Tiffen DFX Software Select
  • Free Super Saver Shipping

    As always, please keep in mind that prices and availability can change at any point, and that is beyond our control. If you find any of these interesting, please consider "tipping us" for our efforts by making your purchases through this noisy blog :)

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