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Best selling digital cameras at Amazon right now (The Charts)

Welcome to another edition of The Charts! In today's episode we look at the best selling cameras at this moment at Amazon. Please keep in mind the best selling list is a snapshot, and no long term conclusions should be drawn based upon just this post! A number of factors affect the ranking of the cameras, so please keep that in mind as well. The intend of this chart is for entertainment and discussion purposes :)

The Top 20
1.Canon A570ISThank you IS! This PSAM-IS-AA-based camera is an all around performer for its $150 price. Obviously it is going to have its limitations at this price, but how many cameras at $150 can you get with PSAM and IS and the legacy of the Canon A-series?
2.Canon SD850 ISLove me two times! One for the design, two for the 4x IS lens! This is not starting at wide-angle, but it is a soup'ed up entry-level from the Elph (Ixus, Ixy) series. Currently at around $250. All apologies to Canon fans from other markets as the model names are different, and I can't recall the different variations. Canon has managed to confuse me :)
3.Canon S5 ISZoom! Zoom! No, it's not a Mazda, it's Canon's 12x IS zoomer. At $336 but without RAW this camera is an interesting option for a number of different buyers. The competition is hot at the long zoom segment, the AA batteries and the more "modest" 12x zoom ratio are pluses for the S5 IS. But how long can Canon remain at "just" 12x when the rest are at 15x and 18x? Well that's a good question, but that doesn't take away from this camera at this price. At the starting price of $500, this camera certainly looked out of touch with the competition, but the price was quickly "corrected", and at $335 it looks good, smells good and tastes good (please don't eat the cameras!).
4.Canon SD800 ISWide-angle is not as common among ultracompacts, so 28mm fans cheered when Canon first decided to go with a wide Elph. This is not the latest model, but at $230, it is a nice temptation for the DSLR user looking for a pocketable carry-around camera, or perhaps the social blogger who likes to take pics of people and places at "wide" angle.
5.Canon SD1000This is the entry-level mass market model of this edition of the Canon Elphs. At the affordable price of $161, this is great as a gift, as a carry around camera, and for the casual shooter with a small purse/bag/pocket. If you are eating at TGI Friday's and you see a flash going off, chances are it's one of these capturing someone's birthday dinner celebration :)
6.Canon A560Another solid camera for its price range, the A560 is great for a starter with an inquisitive mind. AA batteries and SD make this more versatile. Personally I would recommend getting the A570IS instead for an extra $20 - because of the IS.
7.Canon A720 ISThis camera was made for the electronics superstores. Priced aggressively at its introduction at $250, it is holding up well at around $196 at the moment. It offers a 6x IS lens instead of the 4x lens found in the A570. For an extra $50, it is an interesting alternative as well. What may confuse some buyers is that the A710-IS was the flagship of the A-series of last year, but this year Canon added IS to their 1/1.8"-based A-series models, making the 6x A650-IS the flagship A-series model - despite the lower model number. Oh the confusion. Light leak issues further complicated things for the A650-IS, which in a way helped the A720IS.
8.Canon Digital Rebel XTi (400D), w/kit lens, blackRebel! Rebel! Your price is a mess! A mess in a good way for us consumers, because you can get this 10mp Rebel dSLR with the 18-55 EF-S kit lens for around $600. Something unheard of a couple of years ago. Part of the boost of the Rebel at Amazon is because Amazon is offering a free Lowepro transporter and $10 off a Lowepro bag with purchase. Along with various rebates on combined Canon printer/DSLR purchases.
9.Canon SD870 ISRemember the SD800 IS at #4? The SD 870 IS is this year's entry in the wide-angle Elph category by Canon. Newer model means higher price, this one goes for $297. Popular among DSLR users as a carry-around pocketable.
10.Sony W55The only reason this guy is not higher is because it's available in different colors, which dilude the strength of each color. This is the black model.
11.Canon SD750At $210 this slightly older Elph is an alternative to the SD1000, the SD850IS and the "wide Elphs" (800, 870). No IS here, but a 3" LCD. Chose our poison as they say.
12.Canon G9Ah, the GINO Mark II! GINO being G-series In Name Only :) But don't hold that against the G9, because it holds its own as a stand-alone camera, when you *gasp* forget about the G-series legacy. Part of the reason of course is that this market segment is fairly sparse. But at $437 and RAW, this is a nice alternative. More on this segment at the RAWsumer blog
13.Canon SX100 ISIf you can't beat them, out-price them! That's the approach Canon took to push its latest entry in the "fun zoom" segment ahead of the class-leading Panasonic TZ3. Shockingly Canon's previous attempt at the fun zoom segment, the severely overpriced TX-1 failed by Canon standards. This is indeed a rare occurance. But the SX100-IS is no TX1. It's a AA-based "fun zoom" and its going neck and neck with the TZ3 on price: around $240. The TZ3 is available in three colors which diludes its chart position.
14.Sony S700So what if the S730 was just announced? It doesn't really matter in this segment. Sony's AA-based entry-level is a strong competitor among those who are not averse to *gasp* the Memory Stick or the Sony brand.
15.Nikon D40 w/ 18-55 DXNikon's top seller is now a few pizzas under $500 ($470). The era of the sub-$500 is clearly upon us. But a word of caution: The D40 (along with the D40x) do not play well with lenses without a focus motor. This is probably the main chink in its armor, but for those without older lenses or who are buying new lenses, this is not an issue. For the megapixel counters this "only" has six megapixels.
16.Fuji S700 (aka S5700)Fuji's budget zoom line-up grew out of their old 6x optical zoom models. At 10x and without any sort of stabilization, price is its main selling point. At $176 you certainly can't argue against it. My personal recommendation though is to spend some more and get one with some form of image stabilization. For about $50 more you open up to the SX100 IS, H3, TZ3, FZ8, Z712IS and Z812IS among others.
17.Sony W55The pink edition is the 2nd W55 in teh top 20. The black version is at #10. Its price has gone up a bit since the big pre-Christmas sale. Still at $170 it is a nice bundle for Sony LiIon fans. If it took SD/MMC as well, it would have probably been even more popular. Fuji is discovering this with their newer dual xD/SD cameras - Sony and Olympus have yet to smell the memory card roses :)
18.Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D) w/ 18-55 lensYes, a Canon D-Rebel under $500. Infact it is $10 cheaper than the Nikon equivalent even though this older D-Rebel has 8mp instead of 6mp of the D40. Clearly Canon is no longer smooth-sailing in the DSLR market. Nikon is giving it a run for its money, and competition is usually a good thing in terms of innovation and lower prices. This is at $470 and it's about $135 less than the 400D (XTi) which is a 10mp DSLR. Not that there is a huge difference between 8mp and 10mp.
19.Panasonic LZ7K"Let them eat Lumix" screamed the Panasonic bean-counters as they dropped the LZ7 price down to a shocking $130. This camera has a 6x MegaOIS lens among other things. It is a AA-based SD-based mid-zoom-range P&S camera. the price is very competitive and it's no secret that these will be replaced in early 2008.
20.Nikon S51The matte black looks good on this shiny silver and at $180 and some sort of VR, Nikon is trying to make the S51 competitive with the Canon and Sony models. Styled a bit like the Sony T-series and priced well under them, Nikon hopes to capitalize on their D3/D300 buzz and sell more Coolpixies. Choices are good!

Honorary Mention
21.Panasonic TZ3The TZ3K (black finish) is the first of the three TZ-colors and at $238 it is probably Panasonic's first blockbuster camera in the USA and many other countries as well. The fun factor has won over a number of users, willing to ignore its pixel-peeping and other negatives. Venus is still hiding inside, but it's a camera to be used to have fun taking pictures.
28.Panasonic TZ3The blue version of the TZ3 (TZ3A) is slightly cheaper at $235 (okay we are splitting hairs here).
29.Canon Digital Rebel XTi body onlyThe body only of the 400D, black finish of course, is popular on its own as well, at the price of $530. Yes, even this 10mp DSLR is sliding closer and closer to the psychologically magic threshold of $500. Competition is good!
31.Sony H3"I am fun too!" screamed the Sony H3 when ignored by the TZ3 vs SX100-IS discussions. At $250 and with AA-power it offers an alternative to the aforementioned cameras. It's clearly going to be very competitive when the new fun zoom models are unveiled in 2008!
32.Nikon D40x w/18-55 DXNikon's 10mp consumer DSLR has its fans as well. Infact it was the surprise (and unconventional) intro of the D40x that gave Nikon DSLRs a boost. Also has the focus motor limitations mentioned at #15
.Panasonic FZ18My kingdom for a long zoom ratio lens! Let's just turn all the telescopes into digital cameras and get it over with! Kidding aside, this camera is an interesting alternative - although it has its issues, a lot can be forgiven at the $337 price!
36.Olympus E510 2-lens kitOlympus is notorious for making their two-lens kits the best bang for the buck for their E-Volt (sad name) DSLRs. The E510 features sensor-shift stabilization and with the two new smaller kit lenses poses an interesting alternative at $650.
37.Canon 40D body only$1150 is the latest Amazon price and the new lower price is certainly tempting more and more people to buy this. While the Nikon duo of D3/D300 has generated a lot more buzz, the D300 sells at $1800 if you are lucky to find it in-store. On the other hand, the 40D is about 2/3rds of its price and generally available. This might be a case where Nikon is winning the impressions and the PR, but the 40D is briskly moving units off the shelves.
39.Nikon P5100With prices falling across the board, and with the P50 almost selling for half its price, the P5100 is starting to look a bit expensive at $300, given that it doesn't have "advanced" features like the Canon G9 or the Panasonic LX2 (around $330). If only Nikon gave this camera RAW, or made a more "grown-up" version of this with RAW!
42.Nikon D300 body onlySpeaking of which, the D300 is having a strong showing thanks to it being available in-stock from Amazon herself. Since then it has gone out of stock from Amazon, but OneCall has some in stock at the $1800 list price.

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