Saturday, December 1, 2007

Camera and photo links from the Gadget blogs

In this new segment we will be looking at the various gadget blogs and picking stories that are of interest to the camera and photo world. This segment will appear roughly on a weekly basis. So, here we go:

  • This week in cameras by CNet's Crave blog
  • Engadget discusses the Sigma DP1 update
  • A media player with an embedded 12mp camera says the Crave blog.
  • Gizmodo talks about the new Quickpod for DSLRs
  • Ten things we love and hate about Flickr at CNet's Crave blog
  • Nikon lures back prominent photographer says the Crave blog. If I was writing the title, I would have said "Nikon lures back ...luminous photographer" :)
  • Will GPS cameras catch on in 2008 asks Cnet's Crave
  • TechCrunch informs us that the $90 million acquisition of Fotolog has been completed
  • Gizmodo talks of Sony using CMOS sensors in their car cameras
  • Amazon's Current blog talks about Ricoh GR firmware version 2.40

    PS1> To our readers: What do you think of this new segment? Do you like it? Want to see more?
    PS2> If you have a gadget blog and want to be added to our rotation, please let us know at [1001noisycameras] ^at^ [gmail] __dot___ ]com[. The extra characters are to prevent email harvesters :)


    Dave said...

    Like it, don't have time to find blogs myself. This is useful so I can just click on headlines that interest me. Just another way that 1001 Noisy cameras is my one-stop photography news source.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thanks Dave for your reading and your nice words! I'm glad you are a fan of this noisy blog :-)