Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Camera Manufacturers send us your new cameras!

I doubt any of the manufacturers are reading this, but if you are, please send us your new digital cameras :) We are not a review blog nor we wish to be a review blog nor we have the resources to be a review blog, but we can start posting quick first impressions on your new or under-development digital cameras within 4 hours of receiving a model!

This guarantees instant exposure (no pun intended) for your new digital cameras! No need to wait for weeks or months before the camera comes out of the review queue or pipeline at a major review site. In fact we won't even post any sample pictures, so you can send us your cameras before the firmware is finalized. The earlier the better it is for us!

We can also preview cameras under-development, and keep as a trade secret any aspects of the under-development cameras that are not ready yet to be revealed. Unlike gadget blogs that cover hundreds of technology segments, we only cover digital cameras! This is a new era of the internet, think outside the box!