Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Can you resist these digital camera temptations?

Today we are introducing a new feature of camera eye-candy. The prices of the cameras featured are low enough that make it hard to resist the temptation to purchase them, thus the title :)

A wide angle lens (starting at 28mm) makes the Nikon P50 a tempting buy at just $153. This is half of the price of its sister model, the Nikon P5100. There is a certainly room for improvement as this was the first model in this new sub-series. But at $153, a lot can be forgiven
No longer "bound" by the xD memory cards, the Fuji cameras are free to "compete" with the other SD-based digital cameras. The Z10fd looks like it could be the breakaway hit of the holiday shopping season, partly because of its very competitive price. At $143 this camera deserves a long hard look, whether it's for a gift or as a carry-around snapshooter
This is perhaps the first "blockbuster" camera for Panasonic, the camera that "created" the "fun zoom" segment. While not a perfect camera by any means, the Panasonic TZ3 offers a "fun" user experience with its 28-280mm equivalent MegaOIS lens at just $220
The price is right for those who are tempted to give the Samsung cameras a try. At $100, the Samsung L730 black is your typical LiIon-based P&S.
Another possibility for a gift, or a general purpose or throw-around camera is the Panasonic LZ7 silver. At $130, how much more can you ask from a camera? It features a 6x MegaOIS lens, AA and SD memory cards.
Another option to test drive an NV-themed camera without spending a lot of money is the Samsung L73 black. As with all the cameras mentioned in this blog and elsewhere on the net, if you are not familiar with them, be sure to check out reviews, samples, and real world pictures.

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