Monday, December 17, 2007

The Charts: Best Sellers at Amazon

In today's installment of the Charts we take a snapshot of the best selling cameras at Amazon! Please keep in mind this is a snapshot, so no long term conclusions should be drawn based upon just this instance. And with the disclaimer out of the way, let's see how much Canon dominates the best sellers list. Prices and availability are as of the time of writing and will likely change at some point :)

The Top 20
1.Canon A570ISAt $150, this is a great all-purpose gift camera for those who might be interested in PSAM at some point in the near future
2.Canon SD800ISStarting at 28mm wide angle, this $230 Elph (Ixus, Ixy) is pocketable and compact. A plus for those who want "wide angle" in their subcompacts
3.Canon SD850A feature-packed $250 subcompact, but no wide-angle
4.Canon A560At just $20 less than A570IS, it gives potential buyers a good headache in trying to decide between the two
5.Sony W55The black finish at around $150 is very tempting for those who can stomach MemorySticks :)
6.Canon A720ISThe third of the Powershot A-series Power Trio, it was made to sell in big numbers. Currently at $190
7.Canon Digital Rebel XTi with kit lens, blackAt $590 this Rebel gives you a cause to open up the wallet and charge. Competition has really produced some nice prices at the moment
8.Canon SD1000At $170 this is another great gift idea, especially for people who want an ultracompact P&S camera, or may get intimidated by PSAM and other "photographic" controls
9.Canon SD1000Is my cut/paste button stuck? Nope, this is the silver edition. The one above is the black edition :)
10.Canon SD750This slightly older Elph presents an alternative to the other Elphs at $210
11.Canon S5 ISAt $320 Canon is offering a competitive proposition, although the 18x hyperzooms are selling at about the same price
12.Sony S700
13.Canon SD870 ISPopular among DSLR owners, probably because it starts at 28mm, this $300 Elph is waiting for a DSLR tree to go under ;-)
14.Canon SD950 ISThe flagship of the Elphs has enough megapixels to feed the needy (yes, 12mp)
15.Panasonic TZ3 silverLook at that price! For just $220 yo can get this blockbuster fun zoom!
16.Nikon L11$88 for a Coolpix camera with a 3x optical lens? Yes, but, well, don't expect it to work like a D3 :-)
17.Nikon D40 with 18-55 DXThe DSLR prices continue to slide slowly but steadily in the "good direction". This one is at $475 at the moment
18.Canon G9GINO or not, at $437 and RAW it is quite tempting, given the lack of competition
19.Canon Digital Rebel XT with 18-55 EF-S, blackTake that Nikon! This sells for less! Yes, less than the D40 kit! $450 through Vanns
20.Canon SX100 ISCanon's entry in the "fun zoom" segment is gaining traction as the price continues to drop further down. Now at $236 via Adorama

Cameras of Interest
22.Panasonic TZ3 blackSanta I'll give you $230 if you can get me this one!
31.Nikon S51This matte black is just $190, squeezed in between the Elphs and the Sony T-series
32.Panasonic FZ8Did somebody say RAW? For $230
33.Nikon P5100Did somebody say where is the RAW support? At $300
35.Olympus E510, two lens kitAlways the bang for the buck (the two lens kit of Oly DSLRs), at $651 this looks tempting assuming you do not have 4/3rds objections
37.Sony H9Overpriced ($360) and underperforming compared to the other superzooms? Some think so...
40.Panasonic FZ18$330, RAW and an 18x hyper zoom MegaOIS lens. But not a bed of roses!

Question for the Readers
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