Monday, December 17, 2007

The Charts: Top cameras in November 2007 at Map Camera in Japan

In this installment of The Charts, we visit the top sellers at Map Camera in Japan according to Their we find the top cameras for November 2007 at Map Cameras. Please keep in mind that this is just "Map Cameras", not necessarily indicative of the whole Japanese market! The link is computer-translated.

There we discover that the Ricoh GRD II has jumped all the way to the #1 spot as a new model. The RAWsumers are popular there as the Ricoh GX100 and the Panasonic LX2 are also in the top three. The rest of the top ten is filled up with the usual suspects among the mid-range and mid-range-price DSLRs. For the complete top ten, visit

As you can see from the rankings, the store attracts enthusiasts and advanced photographers.

A top 20 of Used camera sales is also published, and there we find similar and older cameras as expected. Of note is the Ricoh GRD I (the original) at #4, the old Canon 10D (ten D) at #8, the Pentax *ist DS at #11 (you thought you'd never hear of *ist DS again?), and the Ricoh GX100 at #12. Check the url above for the complete listing.

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