Monday, December 24, 2007

eBay Prosumer Finder (a resource for the used camera buyer)

We are excited to introduce our brand new feature, the eBay Prosumer Finder. This is of the resource variety for the used prosumer camera buyer. It provides ready-made eBay queries for some of the most popular prosumers of the last few years. These are no longer available as brand new, but can be found on eBay.

Why this feature? Because manufacturers shifted into "DSLR-priority" mode, the prices of some of these prosumers have gone up instead of down, so if you want to grab one at a good price you have to do some bargain hunting. Which is where this handy feature comes in: it has ready-made eBay queries for the most popular models. Each link opens in a new window for your convenience in case you are planning to run multiple searches in parallel.

Attention Shoppers! Please note that the queries are pointing to eBay search results. We are not screening the results. They are computer-generated by the eBay search engine. Be sure to do your homework when making eBay purchases.

A brief history of (prosumer) time: Over at the RAWsumer blog we have a list of prosumers/RAWsumers announced between 2002 and 2007. If you want to refresh your prosumer memory.

eBay Prosumer Finder Searches

Casio Prosumers
  • Canon EX-F1 speed-demon

    Canon Prosumers
  • Canon Pro 1 (8mp 2/3")
  • Canon G6
  • Canon G5
  • Canon G3
  • Canon G2

    Nikon Prosumers
  • Nikon 8400 (starts at 24mm wide)
  • Nikon 8700
  • Nikon 8800
  • Nikon 5700
  • Nikon 5400
  • Nikon 5000

    Minolta Prosumers
  • Minolta A2 (best EVF ever?)
  • Minolta A1
  • Minolta A200
  • Minolta 7Hi
  • Minolta 7i

    Sony Prosumers
  • Sony R1 (big sensor!)
  • Sony F828
  • Sony F717
  • Sony F707
  • Sony V3

    Olympus Prosumers
  • Olympus E20
  • Olympus E10
  • Olympus E100 RS (talk about rapid fire shooting)
  • Olympus C2100 (the world famous UZi)
  • Olympus C8080 (critically acclaimed - see dpreview review!)
  • Olympus C7070
  • Olympus C7000
  • Olympus C5060
  • Olympus C5050
  • Olympus C4040

    Fuji Prosumers
  • Fuji S9100
  • Fuji IS-1
  • Fuji S9000
  • Fuji S7000
  • Fuji S602
  • Fuji S20
  • Fuji S6000fd (uses the 6mp magic SuperCCD sensor)
  • Fuji F31fd (uses the 6mp magic SuperCCD sensor)
  • Fuji E900

    Panasonic Prosumers
  • Panasonic LC1 (love the design?)
  • Panasonic LC5

    Kodak Prosumers
  • Kodak P880 (starts at 24mm wide)
  • Kodak P850

    Samsung Prosumers
  • Samsung Pro 815 (this is big)

    Sigma Prosumers
  • Sigma DP1 (this is for future reference!)

    eBay Prosumer Finder Details
  • This is a brand new feature, if you find any typos in our search queries, please let us know via email or by leaving a comment in this post!

  • Since this is version 1.0, some models were likely left out, unintentionally. Please don't be offended, just ask for their inclusion!

  • Add to any service If you find this feature helpful, please feel free to Digg it, Mixx it, Stumble Upon It (and all over it), call it del.ic.ious, and file it as reddit! We have a bookmarking buttons at the start of this paragraph (and one at the top of the blog, and under this very post, and a few more along the sidebars).

  • You can thank us for this feature by making your prosumer purchases through our noisy blog. Your support will heavily encourage us to continue offering you unique and original programming blogging.

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