Sunday, December 9, 2007

Episode #6 of The Shot airs tonight on VH1

Episode #6 of 8 of VH1's reality TV series "The Shot" airs tonight. "The Shot" is a typical reality TV show, but has a focus on photography. Ten aspiring photographers want to make the big time as they compete with each other for the grand prize of this reality TV show, which includes money, and work with Victoria Secret and Marie Claire.

The new episode airs at 10pm tonight on VH1, and repeats throughout the week at different time slots on VH1. If you missed any previous episodes, or if you want to start watching the series from the start, each episode is offered on Amazon Unbox for $2 each. With Amazon Unbox you can direct your "purchases" to your broadband-connected TiVo.

More on The Shot

  • The official website of The Shot
  • The Shot Spot, a website accompanying the reality TV show that allows viewers of the show to interact and promote their own photos, participate in competitions, and lots more.
  • Detailed recaps and lots more on VH1's Blog.
  • Discussion of the show at the photography on the net forums, and flickr, Pentax Forums, and many other places
  • Pop Photo reviews each episode after it airs.
  • Announcement of the debut of the show (Imaging Insider)
  • Press release at e-photozine

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