Sunday, December 23, 2007

Episode #8 of The Shot airs tonight on VH1 (season finale)

The last episode of VH1's Reality TV series "The Shot" where ten photographers compete "reality-TV-style" with each other for the grand prize reaches a dramatic conclusion tonight. Three photographers enter episode #8 but only one will come out as the winner of the grand prize which includes a $100,000 check from Vaseline (hopefully in dollars, not in Vaseline coupons), and photo-shoots with Victoria Secret and Marie Claire. Not bad of a grand prize!

Check local listings for airtimes! It will be shown three times today on VH1, airtimes vary depending on your timezone. If you missed any episodes or want to start watching from the start, the show is available on Amazon Unbox for $2 per episode. You can also send the Amazon Unbox episodes to your broadband connected TiVo. For more on this show, check our previous posts on VH1's The Shot. If you prefer more documentary style stuff on photography than reality-tv, be sure to check our list of photography documentaries on DVD.

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