Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Flickr Group and Photo Pool to accompany this blog

We have just created a Flickr Group and Flickr photo pool to accompany this blog. Here comes the first wave of pictures:

Once there's a few pictures in the Photo Pool I will create a Flickr Photo Badge and post it on this blog, so our readers can showcase their pictures. The pool is open to everyone and there are no posting limits (hopefully it won't be abused, so it will remain so forever). Please keep in mind it is an all ages blog/group. Since this is a brand new pool, your chances of getting your pictures posted are very very very very high :) So, submit your photos now!

If you are not sure how to submit photos to a pool, please check this Flickr Help page.

The Flickr photo pool badge will be posted on this blog at various places. As regular readers of this blog know, nothing stays put for more than a few milli-seconds ;-)

And here is a random picture from the group:

But wait there's more! You can also watch a slideshow of the pictures from our group. The slideshow is done using Flash, and it will be slow on dialup connections.

PS> There's some formatting issues with Blogger and the Flickr Badge so I removed all the formatting until I figure it out.

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