Friday, December 28, 2007

Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D60 and other stories (forum drive thru)

We have our second installment of the Forum Drive Thru. This is a quick look at some hot stories in various photography forums. This is different from our wall-to-wall extended forum digest feature. Today's spotlight forums are the dpreview forums.

  • Another Canon 5D Mark II discussion has come up. Clearly the Nikon D3 is putting pressure on Canon users which in turn are putting pressure on Canon to respond with something of their own that will generate lots of buzz.
  • A new rumor has surfaced talking of a new Nikon D60 replacing the D40x. Judging from the numbers, this will come under the D80, but above the D40. Hopefully it won't be focus-motor-crippled like the D40/D40x. Otherwise Nikon should have called it "D40s" or "D40xs" or something like that. More on this at Photography Bay. Also a year ago Ken Rockwell said this about the D60.
  • Are these pictures taken by a Nikon D60?
  • There's also discussion of a Nikon D90. This would perhaps attempt to bridge the big gap between the D80 and the D200/D300, and perhaps be a camera that takes on the 40D head-on. Is Nikon ready to do that or will they continue with their full-court-press approach instead?
  • There's also discussion of a Nikon D80x. Another discussion.
  • Continuing with the Nikon theme, this user wants a Nikon D300X to compete with the 5D Mark I and II.
  • We know you love the comparisons, so here we go, Nikon D3 vs Olympus E3.
  • Letter Wars: G vs L: Sony "G" lenses vs Canon "L" lenses. No, "L" does not stand for "Learners" lenses :)
  • Another goodbye CompUSA discussion.
  • And how about the Pentax K200D? Is this a real picture of the Pentax K200D or Photoshop work?. We posted about the Pentax K20D and K200D rumors a few weeks ago for those who may not be familiar with this rumor saga.

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    Anonymous said...

    D60 photos were submitted 8/18/06 per info on website.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thanks for the update! So it could be someone confusing the Canon D60 for a Nikon D60?

    Even their model names are intertwined :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Model SLP800

    those crapy pictures were obviously not taken with a D60. come guys, check the data from the image before posting

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thanks for the update! With so many rumors, some of them are going to fall through the cracks.