Thursday, December 20, 2007

Giant Nikon D3 poster available on eBay (Nikon D3 mania!)

Regular readers may recall our earlier post on Nikon putting giant Nikon D3 posters inside Pop Photo. One of our readers commented that it was also included in the Rangefinder magazine.

I jokingly said that I would sell mine on eBay, but I am not selling it! I am keeping it under my pillow, right next to the Sigma DP-1 announcement ;-)

However I just searched for it on eBay, and sure enough there is one listing of the Nikon D3 poster, at a very affordable starting bid of 99c. Pay $6500 to get the Nikon D3 or 99c to get the poster? :-)

So here it is, the Nikon D3 poster on eBay, starting bid at 99 cents!

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