Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hot photography book pre-orders

These photography books have generated a lot of buzz while still being in the pre-order stage of their book-life-cycle. They are generating a lot of buzz because of their topics but also because of the "pho cred" of the authors. Let's take a quick look!

Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed Understanding Exposure, Bryan Peterson makes a return with a startling new sequel, Understanding Shutter Speed: Creative Action and Low-Light Photography Beyond 1/125 Second (Paperback, 160 pages, Amphoto books). But you have to be patient to get this one, it will be released on March 18, 2008, almost three months away! Price is around $16.50
Another book generating buzz is The Moment It Clicks: Photography secrets from one of the world's top shooters (Paperback, 272 pages, New Riders), by Joe McNally. Pre-order price is almost $35, but Amazon offers a pre-order and post-order price guarantee so you get the lowest price. A long preview of this book by Scott Kelby.
Dynamic Range is one of the holy grails of digital (isn't there supposed to be only one?), and something that has some people still clinging to film or adding the Fuji S5 Pro to their arsenal. This new book, Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography (paperback, Lark, 176 pages) by Ferrell McCollough addresses high dynamic range from a digital perspective. HDR fans this sounds like a book you might be interested in. Please don't shoot me, the book won't be released until May 6, 2008. Current pre-order price is around $16.50
Photoshop super-guru Scott Kelby has a new book coming out soon, The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2 (Paperback, 240 pages, PeachPit), coming out on January 5, 2008 and available for $15 at Amazon. This is the sequel to Volume 1. In the new book Kelby covers travel photography, close-ups, flash, people, studios and more. More from Scott Kelby at his Amazon blog and his Photoshop Insider blog
Available on January 11, 2008, The Creative Digital Darkroom (429 pages, O'Reilly, paperback, $31.50) by Katrin Eismann and Sean Duggan is intended for intermediate and advanced photographers. This is a tutorial/how-to type of a book.

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