Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Impact review: Fuji F50fd gets reviewed at dpreview

Dpreview has just posted an impact review, that of the Fuji F50fd. This was a highly anticipated camera, but those who have read user forums and reviews know that this is not exactly a close cousin of the now legendary Fuji F31fd. So what did dpreview find out? Check the 18-page review by Simon Joinson and new dpreview'er Lars Rehm. As always I won't be revealing the outcome of the review, you have to read it for yourselves. I know you all like to run to the Conclusions page, frantically page down to see the "recommendation badge", then page up to read the pros and cons, and then page up again to read the text of the conclusion page. Admit it, you know you do it! Or is it just me? :-) One Hint: Their recommendation rating may surprise you!

The Fuji F50fd is currently available from dpreview's mothership (Amazon) for around $230 with free super saver shipping. You also receive a coupon code for a 12-month calendar from Shutterfly (listed value of $20). This for camera sold and shipped by Amazon herself, not featured or 3rd party sellers.

First Reactions to the review in the dpreview Fuji Talk forum

  • General review discussion
  • A different perspective
  • Using the F50fd at 6mp
  • Also discussed in the non-aligned but highly opinionated News Talk Forum - with emphasis on the conclusion.
  • From the perspective of Fuji F40fd users
  • More on the F50fd

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