Monday, December 31, 2007

Impact Review: Nikon D3 gets reviewed by NaturFotograf

While we were reading the Imaging Insider we noticed a story they had via Nikon Watch which was discussing a brand new review of the Nikon D3. Yes, a full review of the Nikon D3. Where is that review? At Natur Fotograf by Bjorn Roslett.

Bjorn's 10-page review covers noise, FX vs DX, IR, image quality and lots more. As always we will not reveal the conclusions of their review, you have to jump to page 10 and find out for yourselves!

Bjorn has a number of high quality reviews to his credit, be sure to check his list of photographic reviews.

Bjorn's review has just been added to our DSLR Review Matrix. As the name suggests, the DSLR Review Matrix lists lots and lots of reviews per DSLR model.

Nikon D3 Availability
The D3 is available at Amazon by Cameta Cameras, but at a 28% price premium, sold for $6400, $1400 above its list price. More on this at our recent Nikon D3 and D300 in-stock status post.

Reactions to the Nikon D3 review

  • Behind the Scenes of the Nikon D3 review by Bjorn (
  • Review discussion at the dpreview D3 forum. Noise is obviously a focal point of the discussion. The inevitable noise comparison between it and the D2X takes the spotlight.
  • Another forum discussion of his review.
  • Meanwhile Nikon D300 users chime in as Bjorn's review frequently mentioned the D300 and had DX vs FX segments.
  • Fred Miranda users discuss the review.
  • NikonWatch comments on the review
  • Flickr discussion (d300 user group)
  • Some focus on the ...neckstraps
  • And the obligatory duplicate post.
  • forum users discuss the review.
  • More at the Nikon D3 flickr group.

    The Nikon CEO Speaks
  • The Nikon CEO says they will not take Canon head-on. Instead they will continue with their "full court press" approach, which talks of "new types of cameras".
  • Does that fuel the fires of the "APS-C prosumer" and the "digital rangefinder"? Or do they continue to be wishful thinkings in the minds of camera enthusiasts?
  • OTOH, the glass-half-empty crowd may read this as "don't expect any more advanced cameras" from us, we'll just fill in the blanks.
  • We blog, you decide!

    Other D3 and Nikon stories
  • In other Nikon D3 news, the D3 helps catch a thief in the ...RAW!
  • More forum "fun", how to use the D3 as a giant P&S camera.
  • More on the D3 at the Nikon D3 News blog.
  • The D300 goes to the Antartica (PhotographyBlog).


    Alwin said...

    Personally I prefer to read reviews from experienced photographers (either experienced professionals or amateurs)instead of full-time reviewers. Real photographers put cameras and lenses in perspective, i.e., how they actually perform in the real world. Full-time reviewers tend to sit in their dank office and rewrite specifications from manufacturers' press release. I can read spec. sheet myself and such "review" does not add any meaningful information. I can't help but wonder how anyone get paid for writing (aping?) absolutely useless, non-value added articles.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    That's one of the things I am trying to do with the DSLR Review Matrix, including both "traditional" reviews but also hands-on reviews by experienced photographers, such as the group reviews by

    The "spec-sheet" reviews are another point that frustrates readers because it's hard to tell whether it is a hands-on review of the camera or a review of the specs. Sometimes reviews are judged by their sheer size, which may cause some to add more things to increase the "volume".