Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Impact review: Sony A700 review by dpreview is published

Paul Mc Cartney and Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. All were great duets in music. In the DSLR review world, we just had the equivalent! Phil Askey and Simon Joinson just posted a duet review of the Sony A700 DSLR.

As always, I won't be revealing the outcome of the review, you have to read it yourselves. I know you all like to jump to the conclusions page, frantically page down to see the recommendation badge, then page up to see the Pros and Cons, then page down to read the "Overall conclusion" text-summary. Admit it! :)

The review has been added to our new DSLR Review Matrix. This is an on-going feature that will continue to grow over time.

For a quick refresher, here is our coverage of the offcial Sony A700 announcement in September 2007. The Sony A700 with the 18-70 DT is available from dpreview's mothership (Amazon) for $1500. Perhaps the review has caused the A700 with the 18-70 DT lens to be temporarily out of stock from Amazon? Their page says that it will be in stock on December 21st, 2007. Meanwhile the A700 body only is in-stock and shipping for $1400, but there's only two left in stock as of right now (5:55pm New York City time). Meanwhile the bundle with the 16-105 lens is available for $1900 on Amazon through OneCall, J&R World and Ritz Camera. Amazon herself is on a 3 to 5 week delay before it can ship.

Reactions to the review in the dpreview forums

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  • Discussion of the Super Steady Shot improvements in the A700
  • Sony users asking Sony to listen on their commetns on the NR On/Off and RAW files.
  • Sony users thank Phil and Simon for their hard work Phil responds to reader "questions" in this thread so be sure to check it out!
  • Then forum users proceed to review the review. Stay tuned for my review of the reviews of the review ;-)
  • Those waiting for their review got their wish today
  • One forum user shares his A700 pictures from the Sierras
  • On Sony A700's base ISO. Phil responds in this thread.
  • And a request for suggestsion on A700-themed books
  • On reviews and build quality
  • And the obligatory RAW vs JPEG (A700 edition)
  • The wait is driving us mad! Come on UPS guy, deliver!
  • For more new, old, and current threads on this topic be sure to visit the buzzing Sony SLR Talk forum at dpreview

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