Saturday, December 22, 2007

Inside the Imaging Insider

New digital camera announcements are not the only news in the world of photography and imaging. Far from it! And the Imaging Insider is a great source for a wide angle view of the latest happenings in the world of photography and imaging! So, let's take a look through the Imaging Insider lens:

  • HP and Staples get slapped with an anti-trust lawsuit in Boston. My kingdom for my inks!
  • Is street photography now illegal in the UK?
  • PC Magazine previews the CES 2008 show - which is just around the corner - literally!
  • Ricoh issues a firmware update for the GRD II. You have to give it to Ricoh, they have been very prompt with issuing firmware updates - compared to certain other major manufacturers. I don't want to name names :)
  • Book worms, this is for you: Roundup of 2007 books of interest to photographers and the like
  • MSNBC has the year in pictures.
  • Kodak becomes Donald Trump's apprentice???
  • Canon celebrates 30 million EOS SLRs
  • Infrared the digital way
  • Pinhole photography goes to Hollywood - assuming the strike ends at some point
  • A workshop on Digital Astrophotography. If you needed an excuse to book a trip to New York, this may be it!

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