Sunday, December 30, 2007

Let's Network, Web 2.0 and Old School!

Time for some networking! We are slowly but steadily embracing more and more Web 2.0 plaforms, but we are always text-based old-school at heart :) So let's start with some networking ideas, old school first!

Old School Networking
Do you like reading this blog (or laughing at its silliness)? If yes, and if you want to share or promote some of your work (websites, blogs, galleries, social bookmarks, etc) with the rest of our readers, then Join the 1001 Noisy Readers List! Details on how to do that at the Noisy Readers page.

Do you have a local camera shop? We started a support your local camera shop initiative. We'll be happy to add your local camera store to the list!

Are you a Flickr member? If yes, you may be interested in joining our flickr group and submitting pictures to our Flickr pool. We promote our reader's pictures throughout this blog, for example at our recent Reader Picture Appreciation Day.

If like this blog and are looking for ways to help it, check our support this blog page!

Are you interested in exploring guest-blogging? We are interested too!

Do you have a website or blog and want us to review it? If yes, check here for more details. We are only able to review blogs written in English at this time. Our computer-translated Japanese continues to improve, and in a couple of years we'll be able to speak fluent "hand being off center revision" :)

Are you interested in carrying our RSS feed on your blog or website? If yes, let us know for more details!

Web 2.0 Networking

Technorati: We have a presence at Technorati! If your blog or website is at Technorati, let us know and we'll add it to our favorites! And if you like this noisy blog, fave it at Technorati! Add to Technorati Favorites

Blog Catalogs: We have a presence at two of the largest blog catalogs, and If you are there, let's network! If there any other catalogs you think we should join along, let us know :)

Social Bookmarking We are slowly but steading moving on with social bookmarking sites, starting with 1001 noisy cameras represented at Digg,, Stumble Upon, Photography Voter, and

Twitter: Yes we have found a practical application for Twitter! We are providing a behind the scenes look of the blog using Twitter. If you are on Twitter please feel free to say "Hi"! Twitter is powering the "Latest Blog Update" found in the left sidebar of this blog, and the more detailed updates at the bottom of the main column and on Page Two.

Reddit: We just recently found time to "explore" Reddit and fell in love with it! Visit us at Reddit!

Other places? Are there any other places you like or recommend? Let us know! We are open to suggestions :)

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