Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry XMas! (the XMas blogging marathon continues)

Merry XMas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! We wish all the best to you and yours! Our gift to you? A non-stop blogging marathon!

Today we will post the following items, throughout the day:

  • Ten photography stories from the new web 2.0 social bookmarking site Mixx.com
  • An update to our Fuji 6mp SuperCCD "magic" sensor
  • PMA 2008 RAWsumer Speculation and Predictions at the RAwsumer blog
  • A special edition of the Photography Soup
  • And time permiting, a return of the Photography Forum Digest

    We have already posted the following as part of our Christmas Blogging Marathon:
  • eBay Prosumer Finder - a long list of eBay searches for some of the most popular prosumers of the last five or six years
  • Nine DSLR stories from Digg.com. Can you digg it?
  • A price drop alert on the Canon 40D, body only, dropping to $1150 at B&H Photo, Adorama and Amazon
  • A re-organization of the blog polls. One day remains to vote in our three open polls. After that they will close and move to the Archived Polls section.
  • Our first Happy Holidays post announcing the start of the Christmas Blogging Marathon.

    Forgot to buy someone a gift? This is a last minute life-saver:

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