Thursday, December 27, 2007

New digital camera, the Sony Cybershot S730

Apparently some companies can't wait until CES 2008 starts to announce their new compact P&S models. Samsung had already announced their S760 and S860, and now Sony announces their new S-series Cybershot AA-based model, the Sony S730.

Meet the Sony Cybershot S730
The S730 is the typical P&S AA-based digital camera of our times, with the exception of course of using a Memorystick instead of the SD/MMC memory cards who have "won" the memory format wars about a few tech-centuries ago.

It features a 7 megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, 2.4" LCD, powered by two AA batteries, Memory Stick Pro Duo, and such.

Coverage of the announcement on the net

  • The announcement originated from Sony Europe and will be available in Europe in the middle of January
  • dpreview reports that the price will be 140 euro in mainstream Europe and 100 UK pounds in the UK.
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  • Let's Go Digtal and their CES 2008 blog
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  • Engadget
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    Model Name Analysis
    If the name sounds familiar, Samsung has a camera with exactly the same name and similar specs even, the Samsung S730, which was a popular model because of its low price. This will likely create some confusion at the big electronics store where the casual entry-level P&S buyer will be getting confused by two different cameras named S730. GE also has a camera with a similar name, the GE A730.

    Opinion - Analysis of the announcement
    The timing may have been a little bit of a surprise, since it goes in the "record books" as a 2007 announcement (at least in the countries it was made), but the specs and such are as expected.

    Our CES 2008 predictions, posted just a few days ago, predicted possible Sony S750 and S850 models, so we were close by 20 "model units" ;-) We did not predict the timing of the announcement for sure!

    You can read more at our gigantic PMA 2008 Rumors and Speculations Spectacular.

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